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Empire is a British film magazine which has published numerous articles regarding Star Trek. Issues have been released monthly since 1989.

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Notable issues Edit

Of particular relevance to Star Trek are the following issues:

Issue Cover Contents
69, March 1995 Emp69
91, January 1997 Emp91 Star Trek: First Contact (reprinted in Issue 326 supplement)
114, November 1998 Emp114 Star Trek: Insurrection
116, February 1999 Emp116 Star Trek: Insurrection (reprinted in Issue 326 supplement):
156, May 2002 Emp156 Star Trek Nemesis
164, February 2003 Emp164 Star Trek Nemesis (reprinted in Issue 326 supplement)
230, August 2008 Emp230 Preview of Star Trek, p. 120
234, December 2008 Emp234 Star Trek:
  • "Back to the Future", James Dyer, pp. 120-127 (reprinted in Issue 326 supplement)
  • "Zachary Quinto is Spock", Chris Hewitt, p. 122
  • "Chris Pine is Kirk", Chris Hewitt, p. 125
  • "Beyond the Final Frontier – What the original crew did next", Simon Crook, p. 127
239, May 2009 Emp239 Star Trek
241, June 2009 Emp241 An interview with Winona Ryder including discussion about her role as Amanda Grayson in Star Trek
242, July 2009 Emp242 The missing link between Transformers and Star Trek
284, February 2013 Emp284 Kirk
Variant cover 1
Emp284 Kirk sub
Subscribers variant cover 1
Emp284 Khan
Variant cover 2
Emp284 Khan sub
Subscribers variant cover 2
Star Trek Into Darkness
287, May 2013 Emp287
Retail cover
Emp287 sub
Subscribers cover
Emp287 fold-out
Full retail cover
Star Trek Into Darkness:

This J.J. Abrams-themed issue had a Star Trek-related fold-out cover, which was created by Photographer Art Streiber, in collaboration with Empire Art Director Chris Lupton and Photography Director Debi Berry. [1]

324, June 2016 Emp324 Star Trek Beyond:
  • "Out of Darkness", an "on-set exclusive", with quotes from Justin Lin and Simon Pegg, by Olly Richards, pp. 010-011
326, August 2016 Emp326
Retail cover
Emp326 sub
Subscribers cover
Star Trek Beyond:
  • "Back on Trek", Olly Richards, pp. 64-73
  • "New Voyager", Olly Richards, pp. 74-77
326 supplement, August 2016 Emp326 supplement Various:

This article included a featurette called "The Impossible Tech" (p. 21), which cited transporters, time travel, replicators, and gravity plating as examples of technology which "probably" won't happen.

This part of the supplement was a guide to eight performers who appeared on Star Trek before becoming famous, listing Sarah Silverman, Joan Collins, Seth MacFarlane, Ashley Judd, Famke Janssen, Kirstie Alley, Teri Hatcher, and Kirsten Dunst. The same section additionally featured "The Star Fleet" (p. 37) – a guide to five celebrities who guested on Star Trek, including Iggy Pop, Bryan Singer, Christian Slater, Stephen Hawking, and Kelsey Grammer.

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