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Encounter at Farpoint/The Arsenal of Freedom is a soundtrack release from GNP Crescendo Records featuring the extended score to the Star Trek: The Next Generation premiere episode, "Encounter at Farpoint", and the previously unreleased score to the first season episode "The Arsenal of Freedom".

The release also included, for the first time in an official release, McCarthy's original main title theme for the series.

Released in February 2014, the single-disc release contains the complete score of the two episodes, and includes a sixteen-page booklet featuring commentary from Jeff Bond.


Fans of Star Trek were thrilled in 1987 to welcome the launch of a new series expanding the Trek universe: Star Trek: The Next Generation. Soon after, GNP/Crescendo Records was equally excited to release Dennis McCarthy's score for the opening two-hour pilot episode, "Encounter at Farpoint"
Now, GNP/Crescendo is releasing an Expanded Collector's Edition of that same pioneering score, including even more of McCarthy's dramatic music, newly mixed and mastered from the original multi-track elements under the supervision of the composer.
McCarthy – who has written more music for the franchise than any other composer – wrote over 40 minutes of brash and colorful music for "Encounter at Farpoint", establishing the bright, dynamic style he would maintain throughout the show's first season. He made frequent use of Alexander Courage's iconic Star Trek fanfare, as well as a new, heroic theme for the captain of the USS Enterprise, Jean-Luc Picard. Typical of early Next Generation scores, the music manifests a post-Star Wars sound, symphonic and often reflective of the hammering rhythms and surging chords of Holst's "Mars, the Bringer of War" from The Planets in its treatment of action and space battles.
As a bonus, this new CD also includes the world premiere release of McCarthy's score to "The Arsenal of Freedom", an action-packed episode from late in the first season. The CD concludes with several bonus and alternate cues from "Encounter at Farpoint" – including McCarthy's unused main title theme (which was replaced with Jerry Goldsmith's theme from Star Trek: The Motion Picture for the series).
This latest release in GNP/Crescendo's continuing commitment to preserving the musical legacy of Star Trek includes a 16-page booklet with informative notes by Jeff Bond, author of The Music of Star Trek – incorporating comments from the composer.

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Track listing

# Title/Runtime
1 Star Trek: The Next Generation Main Title - 1st Season (1:45)
"Encounter at Farpoint"
2 Stardate (1:42)
3 Troi Senses / First Freeze† (2:15)
4 Stalled† / Picard's Plan / First Chase (4:48)
5 Detaching / Saucer Separation (2:38)
6 Shaken / Court Time / Freeze Out† / Fair Trial† / Out of Order† (2:57)
7 There Goes Da Judge / USS Hood / Magic Apples† / Magic Apples (alternate)† / Dialog-osity† / Shopping Twitch† (2:25)
8 Hovering† / On Manual (3:19)
9 First Look† / Admiral (1:04)
10 Orbiting† / Personal Log (0:53)
11 Old Lovers (1:14)
12 Sensing† / Tasty† / The Woods (1:39)
13 Splashing / Planet Surface† / Underground† / Caverns (2:25)
14 Memories / Unknown (2:27)
15 Scanned / Big Guns / Typical† (2:42)
16 Inside† / Q Returns† (2:35)
17 Revealed / Reaching Out (4:11)
18 Departure (1:09)
† Previously unreleased material
"The Arsenal of Freedom"
19 Minos / Promo (2:18)
20 Surface Jaunt / Image / Encased (4:05)
21 Circling / Beaming / Second Wave / Shields Up (2:00)
22 Cloaking / Tossed / Near Miss (4:17)
23 Hit or Miss / Global / Separation / Sales Pitch / Bad News (4:33)
24 Earned the Right / Ralph Williams (5:02)
25 Star Trek: The Next Generation End Title - 1st Season, Long Version (1:02)
"Encounter at Farpoint" Bonus Tracks
26 Picard's Theme (0:22)
27 MFX53 - Synth Drone (0:24)
28 M15 - Unused Sting / M16 - Unused Source (0:16)
29 M25A / M25B / M25B-2 - Unused Source (0:48)
30 M52A / M52B - Unused Stings (0:21)
31 Star Trek: The Next Generation Main Title - 1st Season (1:44)
Total running time: 70:44

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