Eneg was the Ekosian Nazi Party Chairman, and addressed as "Excellency".

He was inwardly sympathetic to the Ekosian and resident Zeon underground that opposed the violent xenophobia brought to Ekos by Melakon's secret usurpation of John Gill's leadership. He disliked the Ekosian SS for its thoughtless enthusiasm for torture and beatings, saying that "punishment becomes ineffective after a certain point – men become insensitive".

In 2268 the Chairman observed several incidents of obvious conspiracy against Deputy Führer Melakon, but took no action to interfere. After Melakon was shot by the Zeon immigrant Isak, Eneg stopped guards from retaliating, saying, "Wait soldier, there's been enough killing. Now we'll start to live the way the Führer meant us to live." (TOS: "Patterns of Force")


Background information

Eneg was played by Patrick Horgan. 'Eneg' is 'Gene' spelled backwards, an homage to Gene Roddenberry. (Star Trek Encyclopedia (4th ed., vol. 1, p. 241)). Walter Koenig, who wrote an episode of the 1974 series Land of the Lost, also attempted to name a recurring character 'Eneg' for the same reason. This character's name, however, somehow became transcribed in the script as 'Enik'. (citation needededit)

In the real world, Adolf Hitler was both the Führer and chairman of the Nazi Party, while on Ekos those positions were held by different people.

Eneg's last statement, quoted above, suggests that he retains his faith in the "efficient state" model of society that Gill broke the Prime Directive to establish.

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