Enina Tandro was a Klaestron, married to Ardelon Tandro during the Klaestron Civil War in the mid-24th century.

While her husband was away on military campaigns, she fell in love with Curzon Dax and they had an affair. Curzon had promised Enina that he would keep a vow of silence about their relationship, and this carried over to the next host, Jadzia.

The secret was only revealed when Ilon Tandro visited Deep Space 9 space station in 2369, believing that Curzon was the one who betrayed his father to the rebels as he had been the only person with the necessary knowledge and no clear alibi, and wanting to accuse Jadzia of Ardelon's murder (in reality, Ardelon had been intending to betray his own forces to the rebels and was killed). Enina, after being persuaded by Odo, went to the station to Jadzia's extradition hearing to reveal the truth about her affair with Curzon, confirming that Curzon couldn't have sent the transmission that led to Ardelon's death as he was in bed with her at the time it was sent. (DS9: "Dax")

Enina Tandro was played by Fionnula Flanagan. Enina was her first of three Star Trek roles.
According to the script, Enina Tandro was pronounced as "Ee-NEE-na TAN-dro".
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