Enolian shuttle

An Enolian shuttle docked with Enterprise

The Enolian shuttle was a small shuttlecraft utilized by some Enolians, but not by the Enolian Guard. It was capable of warp speed and was equipped with fore and aft particle cannons. It was capable of holding at least sixteen occupants.

Prior to his capture in 2152, the Enolian Kuroda Lor-ehn arranged for one of these shuttles to rendezvous with him at Tamaal, located on the fourth planet of a binary star system. It was Kuroda's intent to commandeer the prison transport on which he was being held, meet with and board the shuttle at Tamaal, and leave the transport in a decaying orbit in the planet's atmosphere, killing its remaining occupants.

En route to its destination, the Enolian shuttle was intercepted by Enterprise NX-01, whose commanding officer and chief engineer were also aboard the prison transport, having been falsely arrested. The crew of Enterprise was able to capture the shuttle, replace its crew of four Enolians with Starfleet personnel, and meet with the prison shuttle at Tamaar. Although Kuroda was successful in capturing the transport and arriving at Tamaal, his plans began to unravel when he docked with the shuttle and Starfleet officers began boarding the transport.

The crew and prisoners of the transport were taken aboard the shuttle, with the exception of Kuroda, who opted to remain aboard the transport as its orbit decayed rather than return to Canamar. The Enolian shuttle was able to undock with the transport before it was destroyed.

The shuttle later docked with Enterprise, allowing for the departure of the Starfleet crew. (ENT: "Canamar")

In the final draft script of "Canamar", this shuttlecraft was at first described as "small" and the next sentence commented, "A rugged, space-worn shuttle, it looks nothing like the Enolian patrol [ship]s."
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