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Collection of stories from Gold Key Comics' original Star Trek series.


Enterprise Log 4 was a comic book paperback collecting the fourth set of nine issues from Gold Key Comics' original Star Trek monthly (skipping reprints), spanning from November 1974 to July 1976. This was the fourth in the series of Star Trek: The Enterprise Logs.

It depicted the events of later missions taking place during the TOS five-year mission. While no definitive timeline was established, the stardates of these stories match a range of stardates spanning approximately the last three-quarters of TOS Season 1. Several canon characters and concepts were included in the stories, but the details were very much contradictory with televised Star Trek of the era; the artists were apparently unfamiliar with the source material.


From Sputnik to Warp Drive
A brief (three page) history of interstellar travel. Some highlights mentioned are the launch of Sputnik in 1957; the space shuttle orbiter and International Space Station in the mid-1980s and 1990s; The base on the Moon by 2000, colonization of the Solar System; Zephram Cochrane's warp flight in 2050; the Kzinti invasion soon after; the SS Bonaventure's flight, before she was lost on her third voyage; meeting the Vulcans; forming the Federation, and eventually arriving at the crew of the USS Enterprise.
"Ice Journey"
Issue #27 (November 1974): On stardate "20:27.3"
"The Mimicking Menace"
Issue #28 (July 1975): On stardate "34:21.7"
"Death of a Star"
Issue #30 (May 1975): On stardate "33:33.3"
"The Final Truth"
Issue #31 (July 1975): On stardate "20:10.7"
"The Animal People"
Issue #32 (August 1975): On stardate "19:26.11"
"The Choice"
Issue #33 (September 1975): On stardate "17:01.02"
"The PsychoCrystals"
Issue #34 (October 1975): On stardate "19:27.4"
"A Bomb in Time"
Issue #36 (March 1976): On stardate "19:25.9"
"One of Our Captains Is Missing!"
Issue #38 (July 1976): On stardate "19:29.13"
Issues 29, 35, and 37 contained reprints of earlier issues and are not included in this volume.



James T. Kirk 
Leonard McCoy 
Montgomery Scott 
Science officer
Hikaru Sulu 
Communications officer.

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