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The Entertainment and Leisure Software Publishers Association (ELSPA, known as the European Leisure Software Publishers Association until 2002) was a British organization that represented the interests of video game publishers.

From 1994 to 2003 they rated video games released in the UK that were exempt from legal classification by the BBFC. Games were assigned one of four age categories: 3+, 11+, 15+, and 18+ to show that the game was inappropriate for audiences younger than that age. Initially the ratings were shown as four tick boxes for each of the categories with unsuitable ones being crossed out. This system was eventually simplified. Though primarily used in the UK these ratings can often be found on games that were sold across Europe.

In 2003 the PEGI system took over and have rated all games released since. In 2010 they rebranded themselves as UK Interactive Entertainment (Ukie).

3+ Edit


For ages 3 and over.

11+ Edit


For ages 11 and over.

15+ Edit


For ages 15 and over.

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  1. Three of the games (Away Team, Elite Force and Hidden Evil) were previously rated 11+.
  2. All of the individual games included were previously rated 3+.
  3. Spanish copies of the game have been found with the rating 18+.

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