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The Entharans were a warp-capable humanoid species native to the Delta Quadrant. Physically, they were distinguished by a complex midline structure above their noses, which contained a premaxilla bone.

Their world depended on trade with alien species. There were strict protocols about those relations, and even being accused of violating them was a serious offense, and could even end the career of an Entharan trader.

They were familiar with the Borg.

USS Voyager visited an Entharan colony planet in 2374. There, the crew attempted to purchase an isokinetic cannon from Kovin, an arms dealer. Unfortunately, an accident during a demonstration led Seven of Nine to wrongfully accuse him of mistreating her. Kovin was killed before the mistake could be rectified. (VOY: "Retrospect")


Technology available to the Entharans included monofilament stimulators, electro-dynamic probes, micro-calipers, dermal regenerators, and transporters, and weapons such as isokinetic cannons and thoron rifles described as crude, but effective. Their starships were small but well-armed. (VOY: "Retrospect")


Background information

The name "Entharan" was devised by Lisa Klink, who co-wrote "Retrospect" with Bryan Fuller. (Information from Larry Nemecek

According to the Star Trek: Star Charts (p. 89), Voyager visited star system called Enthara on stardate 51658. This was a binary system with two K-class stars.