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This page contains information regarding Star Trek: Lower Decks, and thus may contain spoilers.

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After a high-profile mission goes awry, Boimler is further plagued with self-doubt when Mariner proves herself to be a more naturally talented sci-fi badass than he. Rutherford quits his job in engineering and explores other departments on the USS Cerritos.

Memorable quotes

"I've never even heard of an Anabaj. How did you know?"
"Affinity for red, drawn to the weak minded, plus I kinda dated one once, but only to make my mom mad."
"Weak minded?"

- Brad Boimler and Beckett Mariner

"Ok, that was a rough start. FYI, in situations like that try employing the "Janeway" protocol."
"Got it. And what’s that?"
"Good one."

- Jack Ransom and Sam Rutherford

Background information

Production history


Keith R.A. DeCandido commented: "I got to the end of ["Envoys"] feeling pleased and happy, which I’m pretty sure is what the script was going for. It reminded me favorably of the DS9 episode "In the Cards" in which Jake and Nog do a series of cascading favors for various crew members in order to obtain a Willie Mays baseball card that Jake wants to give to his father. The end result was that everyone on the station was happier than they were when the episode started. Now, “Envoys” isn’t anywhere near that, well, high-stakes. “In the Cards,” after all, was the final episode before the Dominion War kicked in, but it worked as a palate-cleanser prior to that, and also a reminder that the future of Star Trek is, at its heart, a place where things are better than they are now". [2]


  • This was the first episode in the entire franchise in which one of its main characters was seen wearing all three colors of uniforms within a single episode, in this case Ensign Sam Rutherford, as he transfers from engineering gold, command red, medical blue, then back to gold for both his brief stint in the security team and back to engineering. Prior to this episode, only background characters such as Jae had been shown in all three division colors, and not in the same episode.
  • This episode featured the first appearance of a Ferengi since ENT: "Acquisition".
  • This episode featured the first appearance of a Lurian other than Morn.
  • This episode featured the first appearance of a Vendorian other than the unnamed Vendorian who posed as Carter Winston in TAS: "The Survivor".
  • This episode featured the first use of a censored expletive in the Star Trek franchise. A lieutenant at the Federation Embassy on Tulgana IV is "bleeped" after General K'orin grabs her ankle. Although a clip of Dr. T'Ana swearing was bleeped in the preview of the season featured at the end of LD: "Second Contact", this is the first use within an episode proper.

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