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"Let there be light!"
– Gideon Seyetik's last words, 2370 ("Second Sight")

Epsilon 119 was a dead star in its star system. This star was composed of carbon and oxygen.

In 2370, the stellar remnant was the target of a project by Professor Gideon Seyetik, who aimed to bring the star back to life by using protomatter to transform the carbon and oxygen in the core back into elemental hydrogen. Though failure risked the star going supernova, Seyetik insisted that "nothing of any worth was ever created by a pessimist".

Seyetik ultimately piloted a shuttlecraft carrying protomatter into the star, rather than controlling it remotely as originally intended. The experiment was a success, although the professor lost his life.

Commander Benjamin Sisko later noted in his station log that the rebirth of Epsilon 119 was "a fitting memorial to a brilliant man." (DS9: "Second Sight")

The illumination of one side of Epsilon 119 suggests that it may be part of a binary star system.
According to, the Epsilon 119's system contained an unspecified number of planets. This star was located near to Bajor. [1]

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