The assignment patch worn by Epsilon IX personnel

The following Human Starfleet personnel served aboard the Epsilon IX station in the mid-2270s under the supervision of Commander Branch. They were assigned to the scientific research and technical branch of the sciences division. The crew and station of Epsilon IX were "absorbed" by the V'ger probe as it passed near the station. (Star Trek: The Motion Picture)





This female was a lieutenant who monitored the IKS Amar's transmission, and plotted the course of the cloud. (Star Trek: The Motion Picture)

She was played by Michele Ameen Billy.
In Gene Roddenberry's novelization had a brief description of her, noting that Admiral Kirk found her "pretty".



This male technician was a crewman who made reports to Commander Branch about the conditions leading up to the station's destruction. (Star Trek: The Motion Picture)

He was played by Roger Aaron Brown. His rank was denoted by his lack of rank insignia, according to Robert Fletcher's uniform design.
In Gene Roddenberry's novelization, he was referred to as the sensor operator.


Three technicians

These three technicians were present with Branch and his senior staff, working at three additional control stations.

The woman on the right was played by Winnie McCarthy, the rest of them by unknown performers.
These crew wore the informal fatigue uniform preferred by station personnel, in beige and brown, generally indicating they were junior officers or non-coms, according to Robert Fletcher's uniform design.



This worker was a sciences division crew member who was outside of the Epsilon IX antenna wearing a spacesuit. This crewman attempted to flee V'ger's effect with spacesuit thrusters, but was "absorbed" just the same.

This unnamed, unseen person's division assignment in sciences was denoted by his or her orange spacesuit.
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