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Eric B. Hance (born 1973; age ~47) is a visual effects artist who has worked on Star Trek: Enterprise. While employed at Foundation Imaging, he rendered and animated a section of the opening title sequence of that series. The section he was responsible for was the part that featured the SS Emmette approaching the Moon. [1](X) Later on, then employed at Eden FX, he worked as CGI animator on the second season finale episode "The Expanse", which earned him an Emmy Award nomination.

Hailing from Florida, and a 1996 graduate from the New World School of the Arts with a degree in Painting, Hance landed his professional job at Foundation Imaging in 1997, in whose employment he would remain for the remainder of that company's existence, that ended in April 2002. While there he worked predominantly on the television series Roughnecks: The Starship Troopers Chronicles, Max Steel, Alias, and the television movie Dan Dare, Pilot of the Future (2001), before being tasked with Star Trek. Upon closure of Foundation Imaging, he moved over to 3d BOB, working on the series NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service, before joining many of his former Foundation co-workers at Eden FX in March 2003, starting to work on the Enterprise episode that won him his Emmy Award nomination.

Hance stayed at Eden FX until November 2010, having worked on a multitude of productions that company was involved with, among others the movies Hellboy (2004), Nim's Island (2008), the television movies The GodMan, The Poseidon Adventure (both 2005), Inseparable (2008), and Temple Grandin (2010). Television series Hance was involved with included Surface (winning him a second Emmy Award nomination in 2006, shared with Mitch Suskin, David R. Morton, John Teska, Pierre Drolet, Eric Chauvin, and Steve Fong as well his first Visual Effects Society Awards VES nomination, shared with Robert Bonchune, John Teska and Sean Jackson), Ghost Whisperer (winning him his second VES nomination in 2009), Lost and Fringe (both winning him two additional VES nominations in 2010, shared with among others Sean Scott and Mitch Suskin), Ronald D. Moore's Caprica, and Robert Duncan McNeill's Chuck.

In November 2010, Hance joined Pixomondo Visual Effects (an international VFX house, founded in 2001, that currently employs many former Star Trek visual effects staffers), and has as CGI supervisor worked among others on the movies The Hunger Games, The Amazing Spider-Man (both 2012) as well as on the television productions The Cape, Fringe, Haii Five-O, Games of Thrones, Perception, Terra Nova (winning him his fifth VES nomination in 2012, shared with among others David R. Morton), and Grimm.

Emmy Award

Hance received the following Emmy Award nomination in the category "Outstanding Special Visual Effects for a Series":

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