Erwin Rommel was a German Wehrmacht field marshal known as the "Desert Fox", who commanded troops on several fronts of World War II, among them France and North Africa.

In a holodeck simulation of World War II, the SS character played by the Hirogen Karr had served under Schmidt in Poland and under Rommel in North Africa according to British Intelligence. (VOY: "The Killing Game")

Incidentally, no SS unit had, historically at least, served under Rommel in Africa, making the claim for Karr's character a bit incongruous.
The script for DS9: "The Siege" describes Krim as being "purely a professional military man, a Rommel, not interested in politics".
It was Rommel, then a tank division general, who almost by accident discovered in the May 1940 campaign in France, when improvising turning back an unexpected British tank counter attack, that the famed and feared German 8.8 cm anti-aircraft gun, referred to by Vosk in the Star Trek: Enterprise episode "Storm Front", turned out to be a formidable ant-tank weapon as well. The gun served to great effect in both roles for the remainder of the war, attaining a fearsome reputation as an Allied tank killer – especially when mounted on the later German tank types.

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