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"We are assembled here today to pay final respects to our honored dead. And yet it should be noted that in the midst of our sorrow, this death takes place in the shadow of a new life, the sunrise of a new world, a world that our beloved comrade gave his life to protect and nourish. He did not feel this sacrifice a vain or empty one. And we will not debate his profound wisdom at these proceedings. Of my friend, I can only say this: of all the souls I have encountered in my travels… his was the most… Human."

A eulogy was a type of speech given upon one's (actual or presumed) passing, usually given during a funeral.

According to Lyndsay Ballard, everyone's fantasy was to hear their own eulogy. (VOY: "Ashes to Ashes")

Delivering a eulogy was often the job of a captain. When Hernandez expressed dismay at Jonathan Archer's opinion that exploration lead to needless casualties, he reminded her that she'd feel different after she'd delivered a few dozen eulogies. (ENT: "Home")

Upon Jean-Luc Picard's presumed death in 2370, Deanna Troi believed that William T. Riker should give the eulogy at the captain's memorial service. Riker declined, saying she or Beverly Crusher would be better at it, the latter because she'd known him longer than any of them. While Troi believed that it would be appropriate for his role as acting captain, he told her he couldn't give the eulogy as he wasn't planning to attend the service. (TNG: "Gambit, Part I")

In 2370, Beverly Crusher delivered her grandmother's eulogy at her grave on Caldos. (TNG: "Sub Rosa")

That same year, Vaatrik Pallra expressed her sadness at Quark's apparent certain death, saying she sort of liked him. Odo told her not to write his eulogy yet, as the Ferengi was still alive. (DS9: "Necessary Evil")

Two years later, while under the impression that he was dying of Dorek Syndrome, Quark expressed his own wishes for his funeral service. He planned to have his eulogy read in the holosuite and charge two slips of latinum per head. When Rom expressed his uncertainty at that, Quark mistook his misgivings about the appropriateness of charging people for the privilege as concern that the cost was too low and changed it to three. (DS9: "Body Parts")

In 2374, Harry Kim gave the eulogy for then-presumed dead Lyndsay Ballard. He quoted her favorite saying, "Own the day", which was part of a Klingon battle cry, then followed by telling those assembled that "you always believed in attacking each day, possessing it, and that that was what made you so much fun to be around…if you'd been there, you would have told them to own that day. To attack it, make it their own, and plan to do the same thing tomorrow." When he told her of this, she was impressed. Later, in a nightmare, Kim asked her whether "Lyndsay Ballard, beloved friend and crewman" sounded right for her eulogy. (VOY: "Ashes to Ashes")

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