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Lieutenant Evan Connolly was a 23rd century male Human Federation Starfleet officer. He served as a science officer aboard the USS Enterprise under Captain Christopher Pike during the 2250s.

Starfleet career

Starfleet Academy

During his tenure at Starfleet Academy, Connolly lived with a half-Caitian roommate with whom he shared an apparent animosity when it came to mathematics. (DIS: "Brother")

The USS Enterprise

During Lieutenant Spock's leave of absence, following the Federation-Klingon War, Connolly temporarily took on the role of the USS Enterprise's chief science officer. (DIS: "Brother")

The USS Hiawatha

In 2257, Connolly was part of an away team performing a search and rescue mission to the USS Hiawatha led by Captain Christopher Pike and accompanied by Commander Michael Burnham and Commander Nhan.

During the descent to the crash site of the Hiawatha, magnetic interference from the debris field forced the away team to switch over to manual control of their landing pods. Both Burnham and Pike advised Connolly to fall in line with the other pods to avoid crashing into debris, but due to Connolly's cockiness and disagreeable attitude toward their advice, his pod was struck by a large piece of debris, which resulted in his death. His corpse briefly collided with Michael's pod before flying away. (DIS: "Brother")

Evan Connolly was portrayed by Sean Connolly Affleck. He is referred to as "Braeden Connolly" on [1]

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