Voyager escapes through event horizon

Voyager escapes through the event horizon of a type-4 quantum singularity

This page is about the astronomical phenomena; for the film, see Event Horizon.

An event horizon is an extremely powerful energy field which surrounds certain astronomical phenomena which have high gravitational attractions, such as singularities, wormholes, and cosmic strings. At the event horizon, the escape velocity equals the speed of light, making escape from the gravity well impossible under normal circumstances.

Event horizon was one of the vocabulary words listed on the chart "A Tunnel in the Sky". This chart was seen in the schoolroom aboard Deep Space 9 in 2369. (DS9: "In the Hands of the Prophets")

In 2366, while investigating the Barzan wormhole in a shuttlecraft, Lieutenant Commanders Data and Geordi La Forge penetrated the wormhole's event horizon before entering. (TNG: "The Price")

Cosmic strings emanate characteristic sets of subspace frequencies as atomic particles decay along their event horizons. (TNG: "The Loss")

In 2371, the USS Voyager became trapped within the event horizon of a type 4 quantum singularity in the Delta Quadrant. Encountering time-delayed reflections from the interior of the horizon, the Voyager crew initially believed that they had encountered another vessel being pulled into the singularity. Eventually, they were able to locate a breach in the event horizon, which they had created when they initially entered the phenomenon, by saturating it with warp particles. Although the breach had decreased in size since their arrival, they were able to widen it with a dekyon beam and escape. (VOY: "Parallax")

The idea of a "breach" in an event horizon is impossible, as an event horizon is a mathematically defined distance from the center of a massive object rather than a physical object.

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