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Exodus is a Pocket TOS novel – part of the Vulcan series, and the first novel in the Vulcan's Soul trilogy – written by Josepha Sherman and Susan Shwartz. Published by Pocket Books, it was first released in hardback in August 2004.


From the book jacket
One year after the end of the Dominion War, the Romulan Star Empire comes under attack by a mysterious and alarmingly powerful enemy calling itself the Watraii, a species with a long-standing vendetta against the Romulans. Yet though they remain tenuously allied, the Federation, the Romulans, and the Klingons are unready to become embroiled in another sustained conflict, forcing Ambassador Spock, Admiral Uhura, Admiral Chekov, Captain Saavik, and some unexpected allies to defy their governments in order to meet the new threat head-on. But the first blood drawn may prove to be among the dearest of all.
Unknown to the defenders, the secret behind the Watraii's attack is buried in Vulcan's violent ancient past, during the time of Surak himself, when the proto-Romulans – staunch opponents of Surak's reforms – were compelled to take their chances among the cold and distant stars. Now Spock must begin the first leg of a long and dangerous road to learn the truth… before his hopes for the future become ashes.

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Background information

  • The original audiobook version was abridged by George Truett.
  • Tebok and Gul Macet are among the attendees of the secret meeting concerning the threat that had destroyed bases along the Romulan and Federation border. Both of these characters were played by Marc Alaimo. He played the former in TNG: "The Neutral Zone" and the latter in TNG: "The Wounded".

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Pavel Chekov


Deep Space 9; Dominion; Dominion War; Remus; Romulus; Second Battle of Deep Space 9; Sisko, Benjamin; Surak; Vulcan; Vulcan (planet)

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