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A Dodge Ram's activated external lighting

External lighting referred to the exterior lighting devices of land vehicles and space vehicles.

Starships, shuttles, and other auxiliary craft were equipped with such lighting. (Star Trek: The Motion Picture, etc.)

Automobiles and motorcycles had external lighting known as headlights, that allowed the driver a clear view of the roadway ahead of them at night. Once in Detroit in the year 2004, when T'Pol and Archer were stealing a Dodge Ram, T'Pol told Archer, "I don't believe you have activated our external lighting." (ENT: "Carpenter Street")

Hovercars and aircars were likewise equipped with such technology. When Michael Burnham was getting a pardon from the President of the United Federation of Planets in Paris, an aircar used its headlights to illuminate the Eiffel Tower. (DIS: "Will You Take My Hand?")

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