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The F-Toys Confect Co. Ltd. is a manufacturing company headquartered in Osaka, Japan that was established in 2001 by Toyohiko Furuta, following his retirement from Furuta.

Like Furuta, the company is widely known as a "gashapon" or "candy-toy" producer that has marketed many lines of figures and models over the years. Many of its products have been manufactured under license from major entertainment franchises, including Star Wars and Thunderbirds.

Star Trek releases

F-Toys manufactured pre-painted ABS miniatures of Star Trek starships as the "Star Trek Fleet Collection 1" and the "Star Trek Starfleet Collection", which were retailed in Japan by Platz as licensed "blind box" gashapon product lines in 2008, 2010, and 2016.

The ships were designed for F-Toys by FineMolds, a renowned Japanese modeling company, and were packaged with adjustable, individually-labeled stands. Typically, a small amount of assembly was required to display the ships on their stands.

These models were produced in 1:2500 scale, excepting the USS Enterprise-D (scaled at 1:5000) and the Into Darkness USS Enterprise (scaled at 1:6200).

A miniature of the mirror universe Enterprise NX-01 (seen in "In a Mirror, Darkly") was released as "secret" chase item, and was produced in smaller quantities and randomly packed into cases.

Star Trek Fleet Collection 1

Released in November 2008

Limited Edition ISS Enterprise

The ISS Enterprise, a repainted version of the USS Enterprise seen in "Mirror, Mirror", was retailed in limited quantities by Platz at the Wonder Festival 2010 convention in Tokyo, Japan (and briefly through the company's online store).[1]

Released on 25 July 2010

  • ISS Enterprise (TOS) – mirror universe USS Enterprise repaint; 115 mm

Star Trek Starfleet Collection

This set was a modified re-release ( or "reboot") of 2008's Star Trek Fleet Collection 1 where the USS Enterprise (refit) was replaced by the 2013 version of the alternate reality's USS Enterprise. A trading card was included with each release. No "secret" chase ship was issued with this set.

Appearing on the earlier version, this re-release of the Enterprise NX-01 omitted paint apps for the ship's panel lines and windows.

Released in October 2016

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