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F8 was an A500-type synth unit who worked at Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards as a laborer.

In 2385, F8 worked alongside a skeleton crew assigned to tri-hy station A19 on the First Contact Day holiday, April 5. He was a subject of a degree of teasing and derision by some members of the station crew, and demonstrated a lack of understanding of humor.

F8 was among those synthetics hacked by the Zhat Vash into assisting in the compromising of Mars' orbital defense system under the guise of the synthetics simply having "gone rogue". These synths were manipulated into turning the orbiting weapons against the planet and shutting down the deflector shields, leaving the fleetyards defenseless against an attack by hacked synth ships. A19's crew attempted to interfere, but all were killed by F8, as were some security personnel arriving soon afterwards. After completing his task and observing the orbital attack underway, F8 committed suicide with a shot from a laser tool to his head. (PIC: "Maps and Legends")

F8 was played by Alex Diehl.
The character's name was likely a play on the word 'fate'.