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Fabbri Publishing (US) was the American arm of the UK's GE Fabbri Publishing. This subsidiary, specifically founded to this end, published Star Trek: The Magazine (1998-2003) for distribution in the US and Canada – thereby fulfilling Fabbri's contractual obligations for worldwide distribution to the licensors, as the UK source publication Star Trek Fact Files had been sold everywhere but Canada and the US. To oversee the editorial chores for the American publication, Fabbri transferred two key Fact Files staffers from the UK to the US, Ben Robinson and Marcus Riley.

It is presumed that the US company no longer exists after the magazine ceased publication in 2003. The company held offices on 419 N. Larchmont Blvd, Los Angeles, California (editorial bureau) and 10 Bay Street, Westport, Connecticut (administrative bureau) during that period in time, but never operated its own website.

Star Trek staffEdit

  • Trisha Palmer – Editor, Interviewer
  • Marcus Riley – Editor, Writer
  • Ben Robinson – Editor-in-Chief, Interviewer, Writer

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