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Fabien Dahlen Tordjmann is an editor of French descent who, while employed at Desilu, worked on all three seasons of Star Trek: The Original Series. Tordjmann was by assigned to Star Trek by Gene Roddenberry, who knew him from his previous show, The Lieutenant. Roddenberry originally wanted Tordjmann to cut "The Cage", but since he was not a full-fledged editor and a member of the guild at the time, the job went to Leo Shreve instead. (These Are the Voyages: TOS Season One)

Star Trek was his first assignment as film editor, and afterward he went on to edit a number of feature film and television projects. Among these were episodes of Starsky and Hutch (starring David Soul) and The Six Million Dollar Man, and the 1973 horror movie Scream Blacula Scream, which starred William Marshall. Early in his career, Tordjmann worked as assistant cameraman on famed French actor/director Jacques Tati's 1951 classic comedy, Mr. Hulot's Holiday.

According to Robert Justman, Tordjmann was the most difficult of the Original Series film editors. Practicing "advanced film theory", he thought of editing as an art form of its own, and always came up with flashy, experimental cuts, and Justman had to convince him to use simple, classic methods of editing. It was a common sight of Tordjmann stomping on film in the editing room, shouting Merde! Merde! Merde! (Shit! Shit! Shit!). (Inside Star Trek: The Real Story)

However, Tordjmann's creative approach to editing benefited many episodes, most notably the Kirk vs. Finnegan fight sequence in "Shore Leave". (These Are the Voyages: TOS Season One)

Tordjmann's wife died as a victim of cancer in 1968, and he tried to overcome the tragedy by burying himself in his work. To help this, Justman assigned Tordjmann as many episodes in the third season as he could. (Inside Star Trek: The Real Story)

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