Fair Haven

Fair Haven

For the VOY episode of the same name, please see "Fair Haven".

Fair Haven (Cuan Soineanta in the Irish language) was a small seaside town in 19th century Ireland. This town was recreated in the holodeck by Tom Paris in 2376, under the filename Paris 042. (VOY: "Fair Haven", "Spirit Folk")

The Fair Haven holoprogram proved to be quite popular among the Voyager crew. After hitting a Neutronic wavefront, it was decided that the safest course of action was to ride out the storm by staying put and "battening down the hatches." Neelix pointed out that this could be a dark time for the crew and suggested that the Fair Haven holoprogram be left running 24/7 as an open door policy to lift morale. Neelix turned out to be correct, as the program was used incessantly during this time and proved to be beneficial for the crew. (VOY: "Fair Haven")

A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court

Janeway and Sullivan

Fair Haven became very important for Captain Janeway. As ship's Captain, she expressed apprehension at the prospect of getting too close to the crew – particularly in a romantic fashion. The Fair Haven holoprogram became her romantic escape, where she felt the only person on board it would appropriate for her to get close to was a holographic man named Michael Sullivan. Janeway explored the prospect thoroughly through the Fair Haven program and even got advice from The Doctor, but ultimately decides that a romantic relationship with a Hologram was not something she was entirely comfortable with and couldn't trust herself to stop changing his program. She decides to tell Michael Sullivan that she's leaving Fair Haven (effectively ending the relationship), yet ended the conversation by saying she might be passing through in six or seven weeks thus leaving the status of their relationship left open for interpretation. (VOY: "Fair Haven")

However, after running this holoprogram 24/7 as a part of an open door policy, the program began having problems and the characters started becoming self-aware. Yet, the characters could only interpret what they were seeing in the context of 19th century Ireland as their programming specifies. Thus the characters believed that the technology they saw was a work of magic and began to see the Voyager crew as demons. The holographic characters captured Tom Paris, Harry Kim, and The Doctor, to get information and to cast the demons out. The situation was handled when Captain Janeway told the truth about the Voyager crew to Michael Sullivan and he convinced the holographic characters to end the kidnapping and violence. It is determined that the running the program 24/7 is what caused the malfunctions and the open door policy is ended. However, Captain Janeway decides to leave the characters as they are-- with all their information about outer space and holographic technology intact thus leaving the characters forever knowledgeable about their true nature. (VOY: "Spirit Folk")

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The exterior scenes of Fair Haven were filmed in the "European Street" backlot of Universal Studios. (Star Trek Encyclopedia (4th ed., vol. 1, p. 259))|The Irish seacoast (facing an ocean) was apparently part of the program, suggesting a coastal location. The Star Trek Encyclopedia (vol. 1, p. 258) located the village on the northeastern coast of Ireland. This contradicts the description of the town as being near County Clare, which is in the west of Ireland.