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Series: FanAddicts!
Season: 1
Run time: 25 minutes
Director: Cynthia Hsiung
Release date: 4 September 2013 (REELZChannel)
Language: English

FanAddicts! was a documentary reality series which focused on the fans of motion picture franchises, those in the science fiction, horror and fantasy genres in particular, and their obsession with collecting memorabilia of said genre productions. The series was broadcast by independent cable company REELZChannel. As of 2013 Reelz has broadcast one season of eight 25-minute episodes. The series was produced by two production companies, REELZChannel itself and Restless Natives Productions.

Of particular relevance to Star Trek was the episode:

Posted on the website on 3 September 2013 and broadcast the day after, this episode featured the Star Trek collections of two fans. The last ten minutes of the episode was taken up by the huge Star Trek merchandise collection of American collector Mark, who discussed among others the production errors of several Playmates Toys action figures, highly valued in collector circles, as well as his efforts to raise funds for an autism charity by letting fans be photographed in his own Star Trek: The Original Series Captain's Chair replica. Some parts of this section of the episode, among others one in which the production errors were explored in more detail, were cut from the episode as aired, but were posted as vidcasts on the official FanAddicts! Star Trek page. [1](X)

The first part of the episode however, was taken up by the collection of noted American collector Adam Schneider. Schneider has in Star Trek lore attained somewhat of a legendary status due to two circumstances. Firstly, he owned a multitude of actual production-used physical studio models, acquired in the 2006 40 Years of Star Trek: The Collection, its 2006-2008 follow-up It's A Wrap! sale and auction auctions, and which has become the focus of his collection. Secondly, and more recently, he has gained national renown for his acquirement of the Original Series full scale Galileo shuttle craft mock-up, its subsequent restoration, all of which funded by Schneider personally, followed by the donation to NASA's Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center in Houston, where it was unveiled in a highly publicized ceremony on 31 July 2013. Both aspects of Schneider's fan involvements are dealt with in detail in the episode. Also featured in this segment of the episode is model and prop maker Ed Miarecki, formerly of Science Fiction Modelmaking Associates and Industrial Light & Magic. Miarecki has helped Schneider out with restoring several of his auction winnings. A section of the episode in which Schneider and Miarecki discuss the Deep Space 9 station studio model was cut from the episode as aired, but was likewise posted as a vidcast on the official FanAddicts!: Star Trek page. Featured as well in this section of the episode was Star Trek: Voyager's The Doctor performer, Robert Picardo, who attended the unveiling of the mock-up at the Space Center.

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