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FanSets, LLC is an American company that manufactures, distributes, and retails collectible pins, under licensing from a number of popular entertainment franchises.

Founded in 2012, the company is currently a partnership between Lew Halboth, Dan Madsen, and John Garrison, and is headquartered in Aurora, Colorado.

Star Trek releases

Under license from CBS Consumer Products, the company began to release Star Trek pins and pin sets in 2016, its first licensed product line. [1] [2]

Three FanSets pins were distributed by Eaglemoss/Hero Collector as gift premiums for the Star Trek: The Official Starships Collection partwork and its Discovery spin-off, and Loot Crate included a pin in one of its subscription boxes.

MicroCrew pins

Pin Photo
Uhura FanSets Uhura MicroCrew pin.jpg

MicroFleet pins

Pin Photo
USS Enterprise NCC-1701 Fansets USS Enterprise pin.jpg
USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D FanSets USS Enterprise-D pin packaged.jpg

Star Trek: Discovery pins

Pin Photo
USS Discovery Eaglemoss Fansets USS Discovery pin packaged.jpg
USS Shenzhou Eaglemoss Fansets USS Shenzhou pin packaged.jpg

Star Trek: Picard pins

Pin Photo
Number One dog tag FanSets Star Trek Picard Dog Tag pin.jpg

Logo pins

Pin Photo
Star Trek: Voyager FanSets Star Trek Voyager logo pin.jpg

Other pins

Pin Photo
Star Trek 50th Anniversary FanSets Star Trek 50th Anniversary pin.jpg

Master sets

Set Photo
50th Anniversary Captain's Master Set FanSets 50th Anniversary Captain's Master Set.jpg

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