Faren Kag was the magistrate of a village on Bajor.

In 2369, he contacted Deep Space 9's commanding officer, Benjamin Sisko, at the request of the Sirah and requested medical assistance. He believed his village was in danger of extinction, but not from plague or war; rather, if the Sirah died and was no longer there to "tell the story", the Dal'Rok would destroy the village.

Miles O'Brien and Julian Bashir were sent to assist, and the Sirah claimed O'Brien was his successor sent by the Prophets. Faren and the villagers showered O'Brien with gifts, and not knowing O'Brien was married, he brought several young women to O'Brien for the new Sirah's pleasure. When O'Brien tried to back out and give the position to Hovath, the Sirah's original apprentice, Faren forbade it, as Hovath had failed to control the Dal'Rok once before. When Hovath successfully took over after O'Brien failed, Faren declared Hovath the new Sirah. (DS9: "The Storyteller")

Faren Kag was played by actor James W. Jansen.
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