The Federation-Tzenkethi War was a conflict between the Federation and the Tzenkethi in the 24th century. Benjamin Sisko fought in the Federation-Tzenkethi War aboard the USS Okinawa, as Captain Leyton's executive officer. The Tzenkethi used raiders during the conflict. (DS9: "The Adversary", "Paradise Lost")

Given that Sisko refers to "the last Federation-Tzenkethi War" in "The Adversary", it is possible that more than one war was fought between the two powers.
The Federation-Tzenkethi War was to be featured in an upcoming Star Trek: The Lost Era novel. The status of that novel's development is unknown in the wake of the lay-off of former Pocket Books editor Marco Palmieri. The Star Trek: Typhon Pact novel Rough Beasts of Empire features Sisko, Leyton and several other crewmembers of the Okinawa during the war, in scenes set in the early 2360s.

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