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The Federation News Network (FNN) was a Federation organization which produced interplanetary news holos. (PIC: "Remembrance", "Maps and Legends")

In 2381, Sylvia Ront covered the destruction of Pakled Planet for FNN and the consequent trial of Captain Carol Freeman for her alleged role in the bombing. Later, she reported on the rescue of a Phoenix replica and its pilot, Gavin near one of Jupiter's moon. (LD: "Grounded")

Later that same year, Victoria Nuzé produced an exposé on the USS Cerritos entitled Starfleet's Shame, painting the crew as unprofessional and Captain Freeman as a strict taskmaster who transferred a crewman, Ensign Beckett Mariner, to Starbase 80 for an unauthorized interview for the piece. (LD: "Trusted Sources")

A short time later, FNN reported on the attack by rogue Texas-class automated starships on Douglas Station. (LD: "The Stars At Night")

In 2385, on First Contact Day, this network covered the attack on the planet Mars by rogue synths. (ST: "Children of Mars")

An FNN sign, popping up on a rotating blue sphere animation, was seen on a building in Greater Boston in 2399. (PIC: "Remembrance")

That same year, Richter, a Federation News Network reporter, interviewed retired admiral Jean-Luc Picard in his study at Château Picard in France on the anniversary of the Romulan supernova. Despite establishing pre-interview conditions that Picard's departure from Starfleet would not be discussed, the interviewer rapidly segued from the Romulan refugee crisis to the synth attack on Mars and Picard's resignation. After defending his actions and criticizing Starfleet's decisions, Picard abruptly ended the interview. The interview was broadcast live, and was seen by Dahj Asha on displays in a public street shortly after she was attacked, prompting her to seek out Picard. (PIC: "Remembrance")

According to the Star Trek: The Next Generation Companion, 3rd ed., p. 319, reporters from the FNN were present to report on the new USS Enterprise-B's shakedown cruise through the Sol system in Star Trek Generations, but none of the reporters actually wears a badge with the logo. [1]


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