The Federation-class was a type of 23rd century Federation dreadnought-type starships operated by Starfleet.

Based on the standard Starfleet design tree and hull components of the time, the Federation-class starships were bulkier sisters of the Constitution-class heavy cruisers. The dreadnoughts employed a different arrangement from Constitution-class, including a forward-facing shuttle bay, a four dish sensor/navigational deflector/tractor beam dish arrangement (including a single aft sensor dish) and most prominently, a third nacelle, all design elements largely abandoned in future starship development. (Star Trek: The Motion Picture; Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan; Star Trek III: The Search for Spock)

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Star Trek Star Fleet Technical Manual 30th Anniversary

The Federation-class, visible on the reprinted cover of the Star Fleet Technical Manual

The Federation-class starship was originally seen on a display in the Starfleet Academy's training simulation in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. The display was a page pulled directly from Franz Joseph's Star Fleet Technical Manual.

The Technical Manual lists the USS Federation as being the prototype of the class.

The Motion Picture originally contained a voice-over in the beginning of the film for the dreadnought USS Entente, NCC-2120. This was a direct reference to the Technical Manual and its entries for Federation-class dreadnoughts. (The manual was heavily used as a reference for the first film.) While this line of dialogue remains intact on the laser-disk, VHS, and Beta releases of the film, the Director's Cut DVD explicitly muddles the track, making the line difficult to hear.

The concept of a three-nacelle starship has been derided by some as contrary to Gene Roddenberry's design requirements for Starfleet ships, violating both the "pairs" rule and the "nacelle line of sight" rule, but there is nothing in canon that mandates these rules (it is also possible that three-nacelle starships used only two of their nacelles at any given time, and the third is considered as spare, in case one of used nacelles would be rendered inoperable).

There are two ships that violate the "pairs" rules: the Niagara-class and the "off-timeline" version of the Galaxy-class are canon three-nacelled ships. There are many ships that violate the line of sight rules as well as several single nacelle vessels, including the Freedom-class, Kelvin-type, and Saladin-class. It is worth noting that Gene Roddenberry personally signed off on the Federation class in 1973, the schematic for the class is seen in canon, and one of her class is explicitly mentioned in the only Star Trek movie of which Gene Roddenberry himself was in charge.

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Dreadnought (novel)

USS Star Empire on the cover of Dreadnought!

The Federation-class was included in the Star Fleet Battles series because the company was allowed to use material from the original series and the Technical Manual only.

The novel Dreadnought! by Diane Carey also featured a vessel of similar design, the USS Star Empire.

The game Star Trek: Tactical Assault also featured a variant of this class as a "Federation Dreadnought". According to the Star Fleet Technical Manual, a total of twenty vessels were planned:

  • USS Federation (NCC-2100)
  • USS Star League (NCC-2101)
  • USS Unifactum (NCC-2102)
  • USS Compactat (NCC-2103)
  • USS Corporation (NCC-2104)
  • USS Konkordium (NCC-2106)
  • USS Star System (NCC-2107)
  • USS Affiliation (NCC-2108)
  • USS Concordat (NCC-2109)
  • USS Directorate (NCC-2110)
  • USS Organization (NCC-2111)
  • USS Star Union (NCC-2112)
  • USS Alliance (NCC-2113)
  • USS Confederation (NCC-2114)
  • USS Dominion (NCC-2115)
  • USS Star Empire (NCC-2116)
  • USS Trusteeship (NCC-2117)
  • USS Association (NCC-2118)
  • USS Consortium (NCC-2119)
  • USS Entente (NCC-2120)

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