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The Federation-class was a type of 23rd century Federation dreadnought-type starship constructed by Starfleet.

A faint outline of a Federation-class starship was depicted on bridge displays aboard the USS Enterprise in 2285. (Star Trek III: The Search for Spock)


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Background information

The Federation-class on the reprinted cover of the Star Fleet Technical Manual

The bridge monitors in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan and Star Trek III: The Search for Spock made use of a cycling video depicting whole pages from the Star Trek Star Fleet Technical Manual by Franz Joseph. At one point, a diagram of a Constitution-class starship (pictured above) also depicts a barely visible outline above it - which the Star Fleet Technical Manual shows to be the Federation-class. (pg. 01-04-00)


USS Star Empire on the cover of Dreadnought!

The Technical Manual listed the USS Federation as being the prototype of the class.

The Federation-class was included in the Star Fleet Battles series because the company was allowed to use material from the original series and the Technical Manual only.

The novel Dreadnought! by Diane Carey also featured a vessel of similar design, the USS Star Empire.

The game Star Trek: Tactical Assault also featured a variant of this class as a "Federation Dreadnought". According to the Star Fleet Technical Manual, a total of twenty vessels were planned:

  • USS Federation (NCC-2100)
  • USS Star League (NCC-2101)
  • USS Unifactum (NCC-2102)
  • USS Compactat (NCC-2103)
  • USS Corporation (NCC-2104)
  • USS Konkordium (NCC-2106)
  • USS Star System (NCC-2107)
  • USS Affiliation (NCC-2108)
  • USS Concordat (NCC-2109)
  • USS Directorate (NCC-2110)
  • USS Organization (NCC-2111)
  • USS Star Union (NCC-2112)
  • USS Alliance (NCC-2113)
  • USS Confederation (NCC-2114)
  • USS Dominion (NCC-2115)
  • USS Star Empire (NCC-2116)
  • USS Trusteeship (NCC-2117)
  • USS Association (NCC-2118)
  • USS Consortium (NCC-2119)
  • USS Entente (NCC-2120)

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