The following is a list of starship classes operated by the Federation.

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Class Name Type Century
3rd class neutronic fuel carrier Transport 23rd century
Class 4 stardrive vessel Survey vessel 23rd century
Aeon-type Timeship 29th century
Akira-class unknown 24th century
Alka-Selsior-type unknown 24th century
Ambassador-class Heavy cruiser 24th century
Antares-class Freighter 24th century
Antares-type Survey ship/Transport/Freighter/Science vessel 23rd century
Apollo-class unknown 24th century
Armstrong-type unknown 23rd century (alternate reality)
Attack fighter, Federation Attack fighter / Courier 24th century
Bonaventure-type unknown unknown
Bradbury-class unknown 24th century
Cardenas-class unknown 23rd century
California-class unknown 24th century
Centaur-type Destroyer 24th century
Challenger-class unknown 24th century
Cheyenne-class unknown 24th century
Constellation-class Star cruiser 23rd-24th centuries
Constitution-class Starship-class / Heavy cruiser 23rd century
Constitution-class Starship-class 23rd century (alternate reality)
Constitution-type unknown 31st centruy
Crossfield-class Science vessel / Warship 23rd century
Curiosity-class Heavy cruiser 24th century
Curry-type unknown 24th century
Daedalus-class unknown 22nd century
Danube-class Runabout 24th century
Dauntless-class unknown 26th century
Defiant-class Escort / Warship 24th century
Dreadnought-class Dreadnought 23rd century (alternate reality)
Eisenberg-class unknown 31st centruy
Elkins-type unknown 24th century
Engle-class unknown 23rd century
Erewon-class Personnel transport 24th century
Excelsior-class unknown 23rd-24th centuries
Federation-class Dreadnought 23rd century
Freedom-class Starship-class 22nd century (alternate reality)
Freedom-class unknown 24th century
Galaxy-class unknown 23rd century
Galaxy-class Explorer 24th century
Hermes-class Scout 23rd century
Hiawatha-type Medical frigate 23rd century
Hoover-class unknown 23rd century
Huron-type Freighter 23rd century
Inquiry-class Heavy cruiser 24th century
Intrepid-class Explorer 24th century
Class J starship Cargo ship / Transport / Space cruiser / Cadet vessel 23rd century
Kelvin-type Survey vessel 23rd century
Kobayashi Maru-type unknown 23rd century (alternate reality)
Korolev-class unknown 24th century
Luna-class unknown 24th century
Magee-class unknown 23rd-24th centuries
Malachowski-class unknown 23rd century
Mayflower-type unknown 23rd century (alternate reality)
Merced-class unknown 24th century
Miranda-class Science vessel/supply ship 23rd-24th centuries
Mission scoutship, Federation Scout ship 24th century
Nebula-class unknown 24th century
New Orleans-class Frigate 24th century
Newton-type unknown 23rd century (alternate reality)
Niagara-class unknown 24th century
Nimitz-class unknown 23rd century
Norway-class unknown 24th century
Nova-class Science vessel/Scout ship 24th century
Oberth-class Science vessel 23rd-24th centuries
Olympic-class Medical ship 24th century
Parliament-class unknown 24th century
Peregrine-class Courier 24th century
Prometheus-class Deep-space tactical assignments 24th century
Ptolemy-class Tug/Transport 23rd century
Raven-type Science vessel 24th century
Renaissance-class unknown 24th century
Saber-class unknown 24th century
Saladin-class unknown 23rd century
Salcombe-type unknown 23rd century (alternate reality)
Shepard-class unknown 23rd century
Sovereign-class unknown 24th century
Scout ship, Federation Scout ship 23rd century
Soyuz-class unknown 23rd century
Springfield-class unknown 24th century
Steamrunner-class unknown 24th century
Sydney-class Transport/shuttle 23rd century
Trading vessel, Federation Freighter 23rd century
Universe-class unknown 26th century
Intrepid-class unknown 31st century
Walker-class unknown 23rd century
Wallenberg-class Transport 24th century
Wells-class Timeship 29th century
Yeager-type unknown 24th century
Yellowstone-class Runabout 24th century


Background information

Because of the strong connotations with the real world United States Navy, Star Trek: The Original Series Producers Gene Roddenberry and Robert Justman (a World War II navy veteran himself) had imbued Starfleet with (The Making of Star Trek, p. 112, et al.; These Are the Voyages: TOS Season One, 1st ed, pp. 28-29; see also in this respect: Aircraft carrier), it came hardly as a surprise that the US Navy ship class naming convention was also followed for the vessels of Starfleet. This convention has it that a class is named after the first, or lead, vessel authorized by US Congress, which is not necessarily the one first laid down, launched, completed or commissioned (formally taken into service), and after which the British Royal Navy for example name their ship classes. While not canon, it can serve as a potential real world rationale why there are Constitution-class vessels with lower registry numbers than the lead vessel USS Constitution. Nonetheless, in his influential "The Case of Jonathan Doe Starship" article, then fan and future Star Trek alumnus, Greg Jein, had postulated an alternative theory for the discrepancy, albeit equally non-canon.

Additionally, while it is highly unlikely that all alien races follow the same naming convention as Starfleet does – even on present-day real world Earth, the US Navy convention is far from being universal – there is a real world counterpart for this as well. The defense organization NATO uses a variant of the US/British class naming convention for ship types of their adversaries, particularly those of the former Soviet Union, who themselves classified their vessels according to project number, such as – where a Star Trek related example is concerned – their Project 705/Alfa-class submarines.

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