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A list of Federation starship registries

List by registry

Only NX and NCC registries are included.
Registry Ship name Class
NCC-K7 unknown Class F shuttlecraft
NCC-42 USS Heart of Gold unknown
NCC-173 USS Essex Daedalus-class
NCC-176 USS Horizon Daedalus-class
NCC-221B USS Sherlock Holmes unknown
NCC-325 Woden Antares-type
NX-326 USS Franklin Freedom-class
NCC-330 Yorkshire Antares-type
NCC-500 unknown Saladin-class
NCC-501 Antares Antares-type
NCC-502 unknown Antares-type
NCC-0514 USS Kelvin unknown
NCC-585 unknown Hermes-class
NCC-595 USS Revere Scout
NCC-602 USS Oberth Oberth-class
NCC-621 USS Columbia Scout
NCC-638 USS Grissom Oberth-class
NCC-640 USS Copernicus Oberth-class
NCC-815 USS Hiawatha Hiawatha-type
NCC-956 USS Eagle unknown
NCC-1004 USS T'Plana-Hath Engle-class
NCC-1017 USS Constellation Constitution-class
NCC-1024 USS Whorfin unknown
NCC-1030 USS Glenn Crossfield-class
NCC-1031 USS Discovery Crossfield-class
NCC-1031-A USS Discovery Crossfield-class (refit)
NCC-1067-M USS Tikhov unknown
NCC-1227 USS Shenzhou Walker-class
NCC-1255 USS Kerala Shepard-class
NCC-1281 USS Robert Louis Stevenson unknown
NCC-1309 USS Gagarin Shepard-class
NCC-1371 USS Republic unknown
NCC-1404 USS Alka-Selsior Alka-Selsior-type
NCC-1413 USS Shran Magee-class
NCC-1437 USS Yeager Cardenas-class
NCC-G1465[1] unknown Antares-type
NCC-1598 USS Scovill unknown
NCC-1631 USS Intrepid Constitution-class
NCC-1648 USS Europa Nimitz-class
NCC-1657 USS Potemkin Constitution-class
NCC-1661 USS Clarke Malachowski-class
NCC-1664 USS Excalibur Constitution-class
NCC-1664-M USS Excalibur Constitution-class (31st century)
NCC-1672 USS Exeter Constitution-class
NCC-1683 USS Edison Hoover-class
NCC-1685 unknown unknown
NCC-1692 USS Helin unknown
NCC-1697 unknown unknown
NCC-1700 unknown Constitution-class
NCC-1701 USS Enterprise Constitution-class
NCC-1701-A USS Enterprise Constitution-class
NCC-1701-B USS Enterprise Excelsior-class
NCC-1701-C USS Enterprise Ambassador-class
NCC-1701-D USS Enterprise Galaxy-class
NCC-1701-E USS Enterprise Sovereign-class
NCC-1703 USS Hood Constitution-class
NCC-1709 USS Lexington Constitution-class
NCC-1710 USS Kongo unknown
NCC-1715 USS Merrimac unknown
NCC-1718 unknown unknown
NCC-1732 USS John Muir unknown
NCC-1764 USS Defiant Constitution-class
NCC-1831 unknown unknown
NCC-1837 USS Lantree Miranda-class
NCC-1856 USS Emden Constitution-class
NCC-1864 USS Reliant Miranda-class
NCC-1887 USS Saratoga Miranda-class
NCC-1895 USS Endeavour Constitution-class
NCC-F1913 USS Huron Huron-type
NCC-1941 USS Bozeman Soyuz-class
NCC-1948 USS Trial Miranda-class
NCC-1963 USS Springfield unknown
NX-1974 USS Constellation Constellation-class
NCC-1981 USS Aleo unknown
NCC-1988 USS Equicon unknown
NCC-2000 USS Excelsior Excelsior-class
NCC-2010 USS Jenolan Sydney-class
NCC-2010-5 USS Nash Sydney-class
NCC-2014 USS Korolev Constitution-class
NCC-2032 USS Challenger unknown
NCC-2048 USS Ahwahnee Constitution-class
NCC-2120 USS Entente Dreadnought
NCC-2176 USS Leondegrance Leondegrance-type
NCC-2544 USS Repulse Excelsior-class
NCC-2593 USS Hathaway Constellation-class
NCC-2893 USS Stargazer Constellation-class
NCC-3801 unknown Ptolemy-class
NCC-4000 unknown Transport Container
NCC-4077 USS James Fennimore Cooper unknown
NCC-5252 USS Omaha Nebraska unknown
NCC-7100 unknown Constellation-class
NCC-8342 USS Nightwing unknown
NCC-9754 USS Victory Constellation-class
NCC-9844 USS Antares Miranda-class
10281NCC Bonaventure Bonaventure-type
NCC-10376 USS Hermes unknown
NCC-11574 USS Ajax Apollo-class
NCC-12101 USS Solvang California-class
NCC-12109 USS Rubidoux California-class
NCC-12537 USS Clement Apollo-class
NCC-12999 USS Non Sequitur unknown
NCC-14232 USS Berlin Excelsior-class
NCC-14598 USS Fearless Excelsior-class
NCC-14934 USS Tecumseh unknown
NCC-18253 USS Potemkin Excelsior-class
NCC-18451 USS Ganymede unknown
NCC-19002 USS Yosemite Oberth-class
NCC-19386 USS Tripoli unknown
NCC-19585[2] unknown unknown
NCC-20045 USS Yorktown unknown
NCC-21166 USS Brattain Miranda-class
NCC-21335 unknown unknown
NCC-21382 USS Tian An Men Miranda-class
NCC-21445 USS Excelsior unknown
NCC-21534 USS Excalibur unknown
NCC-25306 USS Yuri Gagarin unknown
NCC-25330 USS Endeavour unknown
NCC-26136 USS Zhukov Ambassador-class
NCC-26510 USS Yamaguchi Ambassador-class
NCC-26517 USS Excalibur Ambassador-class
NCC-26531 USS Exeter unknown
NCC-28573 USS Max Plank unknown
NCC-29487 USS Raman Oberth-class
NCC-30000 USS Apollo unknown
NCC-30087 USS Da-Teplan unknown
NCC-30405 USS Lexington Nebula-class
NCC-30532 unknown unknown
NCC-31054 unknown unknown
NCC-31060 USS Majestic Miranda-class
NCC-31087 USS Hokule'a unknown
NCC-31600 USS Bonestell Oberth-class
NCC-31640 USS Saratoga unknown
NCC-31806 USS Neil Armstrong unknown
NCC-31810 unknown unknown
NCC-31823 USS Farouk El-Baz unknown
NCC-31905 USS ShirKahr Miranda-class
NCC-31910 USS Nautilus Miranda-class
NCC-31911 USS Saratoga Miranda-class
NCC-32710 USS Atlantis unknown
NCC-33184 USS Zapata unknown
NCC-33821 USS Wellington unknown
NCC-37124 USS Trieste Merced-class
NCC-38529 USS Sarajevo unknown
NCC-38907 USS Intrepid unknown
NCC-39272 USS Endeavour unknown
NCC-42043 USS Centaur Centaur-type
NCC-42111 USS Fredrickson Excelsior-class
NCC-42254 USS Curry Curry-type
NCC-42264 Raging Queen Curry-type
NCC-42285 USS Charleston Excelsior-class
NCC-42296 USS Hood Excelsior-class
NCC-42768 USS Lakota Excelsior-class
NCC-43305 USS Valley Forge Excelsior-class
NCC-43622 USS Constantinople Transport ship
NCC-43730 USS Wyoming unknown
NCC-44278 USS Archer unknown
NCC-45167 USS Aries Renaissance-class
NCC-45231 USS Hornet Renaissance-class
NCC-52136 USS Appalachia Steamrunner-class
NCC-53847 USS Pegasus Oberth-class
NCC-53911 SS Tsiolkovsky Oberth-class
NCC-55012 USS Nobel unknown
NCC-55817 USS Constellation unknown
NCC-57302 USS Chekov Springfield-class
NCC-57580 USS Buran Challenger-class
NCC-58637 USS Copernicus unknown
NCC-59318 USS Cochrane Oberth-class
NCC-59621 USS Goddard Korolev-class
NX-59650 USS Prometheus Prometheus-class
NCC-59804 USS Princeton Niagara-class
NCC-60205 USS Honshu Nebula-class
NCC-60597 USS Farragut Nebula-class
NCC-61826 USS Monitor Nebula-class
NCC-61827 USS Merrimac Nebula-class
NCC-61947 USS Yeager Saber-class
NCC-62043 USS Melbourne Excelsior-class
NCC-62048 USS Bellerophon Nebula-class
NCC-62158 USS Akagi unknown
NCC-63549 USS Thunderchild Akira-class
NCC-64923 USS Budapest Norway-class
NCC-65420 USS Phoenix Nebula-class
NCC-65491 USS Kyushu New Orleans-class
NCC-65530 USS Thomas Paine New Orleans-class
NCC-65674 USS Yeager Yeager-type
NCC-67016 USS Liberator unknown
NCC-70352 USS Leeds Nebula-class
NCC-70492 USS Vancouver Parliament-class
NCC-70637 USS Galaxy Galaxy-class
NCC-70915 USS Bonchune Nebula-class
NCC-71099 USS Challenger Galaxy-class
NCC-71201 USS Prometheus Nebula-class
NCC-71325 unknown unknown
NCC-71620 USS Ahwahnee Cheyenne-class
NCC-71805 USS Endeavour unknown
NCC-71807 USS Yamato Galaxy-class
NCC-71832 USS Odyssey Galaxy-class
NCC-71854 USS Venture Galaxy-class
NCC-72007 USS Atlantis unknown
NCC-72015 USS Sutherland Nebula-class
NX-72307 USS Bradbury Bradbury-class
NCC-72381 USS Equinox Nova-class
NCC-72452 USS Rio Grande Danube-class
NCC-72454 USS Ganges Danube-class
NCC-72927 USS Gremlin unknown
NCC-72936 USS Rubicon Danube-class
NCC-73024 USS Shenandoah Danube-class
NCC-73515 USS Nova unknown
NCC-73918 unknown Danube-class
NCC-74121 USS Elkins Elkins-type
NX-74205 USS Defiant Defiant-class
NCC-74210 USS Valiant Defiant-class
NCC-74600 USS Intrepid Intrepid-class
NCC-74656 USS Voyager Intrepid-class
NCC-74656-J USS Voyager unknown
NCC-74705 USS Bellerophon Intrepid-class
NCC-75227 unknown Federation mission scoutship
NX-75300 Osler Osler-type
NCC-75418 USS Valiant unknown
NCC-75567 USS Cerritos California-class
NCC-75633 USS Sao Paulo Defiant-class
NCC-75710 USS ibn Majid Curiosity-class
NCC-77567 unknown unknown
NCC-80102 USS Titan Luna-class
NCC-85103 USS Tycho unknown
NCC-85117 USS Unicorn unknown
NCC-85183[3] unknown unknown
NCC-85343[4] unknown unknown
NCC-87075 USS Merced California-class
NCC-87270 USS Ticonderoga unknown
NCC-316608 USS Giacconi unknown
NCC-317856 USS Armstrong Constitution-class (31st century)
NCC-325002 USS Noble Constitution-class (31st century)
NCC-325019 USS Dresselhaus Dresselhaus-type
NCC-325070 USS Nog Eisenberg-class
NCC-325072 USS Hansando Hansando-type
NCC-325084 USS Song Courage-class
  1. This number was used for two separate drone ships at the same time.
  2. This number was used for the USS Minnow and USS Tranquility Base
  3. This number was used for the USS Albert Einstein and the USS John F. Kennedy.
  4. This number was used for the USS Elmer Fudd, USS Mustang, and the USS Puget Sound.

Alternate registries

Registry Ship name Class Note
NX-01-A USS Dauntless Dauntless-class Hoax Starfleet ship created by Arturis
NCC-1305-E USS Yamato Galaxy-class Seen on imaginary reproduction of the Yamato
NCC-1701-J USS Enterprise Universe-class Exists in an alternate 26th century
NX-2000 USS Excelsior Excelsior-class First registry for the USS Excelsior
NCC-58925 USS Pasteur Olympic-class Seen in an unknown, alternate future timeframe
NCC-62043 USS Melbourne Nebula-class Excelsior-class Melbourne seen more clearly with same registry
NCC-72701 USS Rhode Island Nova-class Commanded by Harry Kim in alternate 2404
NCC-73620 USS Ahwahnee Cheyenne-class Seen on illegible filming model, conflicts with on screen display
NX-74205 USS Defiant Defiant-class Seen on hull of the second Defiant
NX-74913 USS Prometheus Prometheus-class Alternate registry seen on displays within the ship


Background information

It has never been canonically established what the letters "NCC" or "NX" stand for, but in the 23rd and 24th centuries, "NX" (not to be confused with NX-class) seemed to be used to designate experimental or prototype starships while "NCC" designated normal production vessels.

The use of "NCC" as a prefix for Starfleet registry numbers, Matt Jefferies said that the registries for American civil aircraft are preceded by "NC," and Soviet craft used a prefix of "CCCC," and as such, he more-or-less combined the two. His philosophy was, "If we do anything in space, we (Americans and Russians) have to do it together." [1](X)

Experimental Aircraft Association Chapter 231 from Richmond, Virginia claims that the registry for the original USS Enterprise was inspired by the 1935 WACO Model YOC aircraft owned by Matt Jefferies – his airplane had the registry NC-17740. [2] Jefferies, however, dismissed this notion in various interviews, as he didn't even purchase the airplane until 1968, while acknowledging that he never really put much of an effort into squashing that particular rumor. [3](X) [4]


The novels Best Destiny and Final Frontier, by Diane Carey, also give the meaning of NCC as "Naval Construction Contract".

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