Note: Data points marked with "**" are uncertain or debatable and included for the sake of completeness only. For further information, please read that ship's article.

Ship Name Registry Class
USS Adelphi NCC-26849 Ambassador class
Aeon Unknown Unknown
USS Agamemnon NCC-11638 Apollo class
USS Ahwahnee NCC-2048 Unknown
USS Ahwahnee NCC-73620 Cheyenne class
USS Ajax NCC-11574 Apollo class
USS Akagi NCC-62158 Rigel class
USS Akira NCC-62497 Akira class
USS Al-Batani NCC-42995 Excelsior class
USS Ambassador NX-10521 Ambassador class
USS Andromeda Unknown Andromeda class
USS Antares NCC-501 Unknown surveyor
USS Antares Unknown Antares class
USS Apollo Unknown Apollo class
USS Appalachia NCC-52136 Steamrunner class
USS Archer NCC-44278 Unknown
USS Archon NCC-189 Daedalus class
USS Arcos NCC-6237 Deneva class
USS Ariel Unknown Unknown
USS Aries NCC-45167 Renaissance class
USS Armstrong NCC-57537 Challenger class
USS Bellerophon NCC-62048 Nebula class
USS Bellerophon NCC-74705 Intrepid class
USS Berlin NCC-14232 Excelsior class
USS Biko NCC-50331 Oberth class
USS Billings Unknown Unknown
USS Bonaventure NCC-10283 Unknown
USS Bonchune NCC-70915 Nebula class
USS Bonestell NCC-31600 Oberth class
USS Bozeman NCC-1941 Soyuz class
USS Bradbury NX-72307 Bradbury class
USS Brattain NCC-21166 Miranda class
USS Budapest NCC-64923 Norway class
USS Buran NCC-57580 Challenger class
USS-Cairo NCC-42136 Excelsior class
USS Carolina NCC-160 Daedalus class **
USS Carolina Unknown Unknown
USS Centaur NCC-42043 Centaur type
USS Challenger NCC-2032 Unknown
USS Challenger Unknown Challenger class
USS Challenger NCC-71099 Galaxy class
USS Charleston NCC-42285 Excelsior class
USS Chekov NCC-57302 Springfield class
USS Cheyenne Unknown Cheyenne class
USS Chimera Unknown Chimera class
USS Clavin Unknown Unknown
USS Clement NCC-12537 Apollo class
USS Cochrane NCC-59318 Oberth class
USS Columbia NCC-621 Hermes class
USS Concorde NCC-68711 Freedom class
USS Constantinople NCC-34852 Istanbul class
USS Constellation NCC-1017 Constitution class
USS Constellation NCC-1974 Constellation class
USS Constitution NCC-1700 Constitution class
USS Copernicus NCC-623 Oberth class
USS Cortéz Unknown Unknown
USS Crazy Horse NCC-50446 Excelsior class
USS Crockett NCC-38955 Excelsior class
USS Curry NCC-42254 Curry type
USS Daedalus Unknown Daedalus class
USS Danube NX-72003 Danube class
USS Dauntless ** NCC-01 ** Unknown
USS Defiant NCC-1764 Constitution class
USS Defiant NX-74205 Defiant class
USS Defiant NCC-75633 Defiant class
USS Deneva Unknown Deneva class
USS Denver NCC-54927 Yorkshire class
USS Destiny Unknown Unknown
USS Dierdre Unknown Unknown transport
USS Discovery Unknown Unknown
USS Drake NCC-20381 Wambundu class
USS Drake NCC-70956 Andromeda class
USS Eagle NCC-956 Constitution or variant
USS Elkins NCC-74121 medium cruiser variant
USS Emden NCC-1856 Unknown
USS Endeavour NCC-1895 Constitution or variant
USS Endeavour NCC-71805 Nebula class
USS Entente NCC-2120 Federation class
USS Enterprise NCC-1701 Constitution class
USS Enterprise NCC-1701-A Constitution class refit
USS Enterprise NCC-1701-B Excelsior class variant
USS Enterprise NCC-1701-C Ambassador class
USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D Galaxy class
USS Enterprise NCC-1701-E Sovereign class
USS Enterprise NCC-1701-J Unknown
USS Equinox NCC-72381 Nova class
USS Essex NCC-173 Daedalus class
USS Essex NCC-1697 Constitution class
USS Excalibur NCC-1664 Constitution class
USS Excalibur NCC-26517 Ambassador class
USS Excelsior NCC-2000 Excelsior class
USS Exeter NCC-1672 Constitution class
USS Exeter NCC-26531 Ambassador class
USS Farragut NCC-1647 Constitution class
USS Farragut Unknown Excelsior class
USS Farragut NCC-60597 Nebula class
USS Fearless NCC-14598 Excelsior class
USS Federation NCC-2100 ** Federation class
USS Firebrand NCC-68723 Freedom class
USS Fleming NCC-20316 Wambundu class
USS Fredrickson NCC-42111 Excelsior class
USS Freedom Unknown Freedom class
USS Gage NCC-11672 Apollo class
USS Galaxy NCC-70637 Galaxy class
USS Gallico Unknown Unknown
USS Gander Unknown Danube class
USS Gandhi NCC-26632 Ambassador class
USS Ganges NCC-72454 Danube class
USS Garuda Unknown Nebula class
USS Gettysburg NCC-3890 Constellation class
USS Goddard NCC-59621 Korolev class
USS Gorkon NCC-40512 Excelsior class
USS Grissom NCC-638 Oberth class
USS Grissom NCC-42857 Excelsior class
USS Hathaway NCC-2593 Constellation class
USS Hauck Unknown Unknown
USS Havana NCC-34043 Istanbul class
USS Helin NCC-1692 Unknown
USS Hemingway Unknown Unknown
USS Hera NCC-62006 Nebula class
USS Hermes NCC-585 Hermes class
USS Hermes NCC-10376 Antares class
USS Hiroshima Unknown Steamrunner class
USS Hispaniola Unknown Unknown
USS Hokkaido Unknown Renaissance class
USS Hokule'a NCC-????? Hokule'a class
USS Honshu NCC-60205 Nebula class
USS Hood NCC-1703 Constitution class
USS Hood NCC-42296 Excelsior class
USS Horatio NCC-10532 Ambassador class
USS Horizon NCC-176 Daedalus class
USS Hornet NCC-45231 Renaissance class
USS Huron NCC-F1513 Unknown
USS Intrepid NCC-1631 Constitution class
USS Intrepid NCC-38907 Excelsior class
USS Intrepid NX-74600 Intrepid class
USS Istanbul Unknown Istanbul class
USS Jenolan NCC-2010 Sydney class
USS John Muir NCC-1732 Unknown
USS Kearsarge NCC-57566 Challenger class
USS Kongo NCC-1710 Constitution class
USS Korolev NCC-2014 Unknown
USS Korolev Unknown Korolev class
USS Kyushu NCC-65491 New Orleans class
USS Lakota NCC-42768 Excelsior class
USS Lalo NCC-43837 Mediterranean class
USS Lantree NCC-1837 Miranda class
USS LaSalle NCC-6203 Deneva class
USS Leeds NCC-70352 Nebula class
USS Lexington NCC-1709 Constitution class
USS Lexington NCC-14427 Excelsior class
USS Lexington NCC-61832 Nebula class
USS Liberator NCC-67016 Unknown
USS Livingston NCC-34099 Excelsior class
USS Madison Unknown Unknown
USS Magellan NCC-3069 Constellation class
USS Magellan Unknown Galaxy class
USS Majestic NCC-31060 Miranda class
USS Malinche NCC-38997 Excelsior class
USS Malone Unknown Unknown
USS Maryland NCC-45109 Renaissance class
USS Mediterranean Unknown Mediterranean class
USS Mekong NCC-72617 Danube class
USS Melbourne NCC-62043 Excelsior class
USS Merced Unknown Merced class
USS Merrimack NCC-1715 Constitution class
USS Merrimack NCC-61827 Nebula class
USS Miranda Unknown Miranda class
USS Monitor NCC-61826 Nebula class
USS Musashi Unknown Unknown
USS Nash NCC-20105 Sydney class
USS Nautilus NCC-31910 Miranda class
USS Nebula NX-60602 ** Nebula class
USS New Orleans Unknown New Orleans class
USS Niagara Unknown Niagara class
USS Nobel NCC-55012 Olympic class
USS Northridge Unknown Unknown
USS Norway Unknown Norway class
USS Nova NCC-73515 Nova class
USS Oberth NCC-602 Oberth class
USS Odyssey NCC-71832 Galaxy class
USS Okinawa NCC-13958 Excelsior class
USS Olympia Unknown Unknown
USS Olympic NCC-????? Olympic class
USS Orinoco NCC-72905 Danube class
USS Pasteur NCC-58925 Olympic class
USS Pegasus NCC-53847 Oberth class
USS Philadelphia Unknown Unknown
USS Petersen Unknown Unknown
USS Phoenix NCC-65420 Nebula class
USS Portland NCC-57418 Chimera class
USS Potemkin NCC-1657 Constitution class
USS Potemkin NCC-18253 Excelsior class
USS Princeton NCC-59804 Niagara class
USS Prokofiev NCC-68814 Andromeda class
USS Prometheus NCC-71201 Nebula class
USS Prometheus NX-74913 ** Prometheus class
USS Proxima NCC-61952 Nebula class
USS Ptolemy NCC-3801 Ptolemy class
USS Pueblo Unknown Unknown
USS Rabin NCC-63574 Akira class
USS Raging Queen NCC-42284 Curry type**
USS Raman NCC-29487 Oberth class
USS Relativity NCV-474439-G Wells class
USS Reliant NCC-1864 Miranda class
USS Renaissance Unknown Renaissance class
USS Renegade NCC-63102 New Orleans class
USS Republic NCC-1371 Unknown
USS Repulse NCC-2544 Excelsior class
USS Revere NCC-595 Hermes class
USS Rhode Island NCC-72701 Nova class
USS Rigel NCC-????? Rigel class
USS Rio Grande NCC-72452 Danube class
USS Roosevelt NCC-2573 Excelsior class
USS Rubicon NCC-72936 Danube class
USS Rutledge NCC-57295 New Orleans class
USS Saber NCC-????? Saber class
USS Saladin NCC-500 Saladin class
USS Sao Paulo NCC-75633 Defiant class
USS Sarajevo NCC-38529 Istanbul class
USS Saratoga NCC-1937 Miranda class
USS Saratoga NCC-31911 Miranda class
USS Saratoga Unknown Unknown
USS Sarek Unknown Unknown
USS Scovil NCC-1598 Unknown
USS Seaview Unknown Unknown
USS Sentinel Unknown Unknown
USS Sequoia Unknown Sequoia class
USS Shenandoah NCC-73024 Danube class
USS Shepard Unknown Unknown
USS ShirKahr NCC-31905 Miranda class
USS Shika Maru Unknown Unknown
USS Silversides Unknown Unknown
USS Sitak NCC-31859 Miranda class
USS Sovereign NX-73811 ** Sovereign class
USS Soyuz Unknown Soyuz class
USS Spector NCC-65549 Akira class
USS Springfield NCC-1936 Unknown
USS Springfield Unknown Springfield class
USS Stargazer NCC-2893 Constellation class
USS Steamrunner Unknown Steamrunner class
USS Strata Unknown Unknown surveyor
USS Surak Unknown Surak class
USS Sutherland NCC-72015 Nebula class
USS Sydney Unknown Sydney class
USS Syracuse Unknown Unknown
USS T'Kumbra NCC-61882 Nebula class
USS Talos Unknown Unknown
USS Tecumseh NCC-14934 Excelsior class
USS Thomas Paine NCC-65530 New Orleans class
USS Thunderchild NCC-63549 Akira class
USS Tian An Men NCC-21382 Miranda class
USS Ticonderoga Unknown Unknown
USS Titan Unknown Unknown
USS Tolstoy NCC-62095 Rigel class
USS Tombaugh Unknown Unknown
USS Trial Unknown Miranda class
USS Trieste NCC-37124 Merced class
USS Trinculo NCC-71867 Galaxy class
USS Tripoli NCC-19386 Hokule'a class
USS Truman Unknown Unknown
USS Tsiolkovsky NCC-53911 Oberth class
USS Ulysses NCC-66808 Nebula class
USS Valdemar NCC-26198 Ambassador class
USS Valiant NCC-1223 Unknown
USS Valiant NCC-20000 Oberth class
USS Valiant NCC-74210 Defiant class
USS Valiant NCC-75418 Unknown
USS Valkyrie NCC-2590 Constellation class
USS Valley Forge NCC-43305 Excelsior class
USS Venture NCC-71854 Galaxy class
USS Veracruz Unknown Unknown
USS Victory NCC-9754 Constellation class
USS Volga NCC-73196 Danube class
USS Voyager NCC-74656 Intrepid class
USS Wambundu Unknown Wambundu class
USS Wellington NCC-28473 Niagara class
USS Wells Unknown Wells class
USS Whorfin NCC-1024 Unknown
USS Wyoming NCC-43730 Mediterranean class
USS Yamaguchi NCC-26510 Ambassador class
USS Yamato NCC-71807 Galaxy class
USS Yangtzee Kiang NCC-72453 Danube class
USS Yeager NCC-61947 Saber class
USS Yeager NCC-65674 Unknown
USS Yellowstone NCC-70073 Sequoia class
USS Yellowstone** NX-74751 Yellowstone class
USS Yorkshire Unknown Yorkshire class
USS Yorktown NCC-1717 Constitution class
USS Yorktown Unknown Unknown
USS Yorktown NCC-61137 Zodiac class
USS Yosemite NCC-19002 Oberth class
USS Yosemite Unknown Unknown
USS Yukon NCC-74602 Danube class
USS Zapata NCC-33184 Surak class
USS Zhukov NCC-26136 Ambassador class
USS Zodiac Unknown Zodiac class
Unknown NCC-63646 Akira class
Unknown NCC-71325 Unknown
Unknown NCC-75227 Unknown scout
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