Feinburg's Loan and Pawn was an antique store located on Columbus Avenue in San Francisco, Earth. The store had a policy of "no lay-away, no credit cards, on sale items".

In 1986, James T. Kirk sold a pair of antique eyeglasses to this store. (Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home)


The glasses, and their pawn ticket

A pawn ticket prop for this purchase was displayed at the
Star Trek: The Experience. It does not appear to have been seen on screen. The ticket puts the shop at 180 Hoyt Street and listed its phone number as (415) KL5-1059. The movie makes it pretty clear that the store is at Columbus Avenue (a real street) instead.
Kirk used the alias Sydney Carton, a character from A Tale of Two Cities. He listed his phone number as 555-1701, an obvious reference to the USS Enterprise. The date is given as 19 August, the birthday of Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry.
The name of the shop is apparently an in-joke reference to Star Trek: The Original Series property master Irving A. Feinberg.

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