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The Feira Incident was an infamous event in Klingon military history.

On stardate 4326.3, the patrol forces in the Shepard sector were placed under the command of Korrd. During his command, Orion merchant raiders attacked Klingon strategic material outposts. The Klingon High Command held Korrd responsible for the success of the Orions. An analysis by Starfleet Intelligence came to the conclusion that the charges lacked merit; however, Korrd's position in the Klingon High Command was tenous.

This incident was described in the career summary of General Korrd. (Star Trek V: The Final Frontier, okudagram)

While no definite transformation is possible, stardate 4326.3 should fall within the 2260s, i.e., some 20 years before the events of Star Trek V.
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