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The term felinoid was descriptive term used to describe a species that evolved from feline origins, and retain cat-like physical traits as opposed to primates, who followed a primate evolutionary pattern, or insectoids, who were descended from insects.

The Star Trek Concordance (1st edition, p. 158) defined the species as "a cat-type intelligent being. In the case of Lieutenant M'Ress, she walks on two legs like a humanoid, but has a distinctively feline face, ears, paws, and tail." Aside from the Caitians, the Concordance also liken the Kzinti and the Vedala as felinoids; likewise, the "Cat Woman" seen in Star Trek V: The Final Frontier would also fit this definition.

The female miner that appeared in the Star Trek: The Animated Series first season episode "Mudd's Passion" was originally described, in an early final draft (24 May 1973) of the script, as a "Felinoid" before being modified to become an Ursinoid.

The Star Fleet Universe includes an additional race of felinoids known as the "Lyrans", a species distantly related to the Kzinti.

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