A beacon used to summon a member of the Fenris Rangers

The Fenris Rangers were an organization active in the late 24th century, based on Fenris. They were considered vigilantes. They operated Corsairs, and kept their money on Freecloud. (PIC: "Stardust City Rag")

Prior to the Qiris sector's descent into chaos, which created a power vacuum that attracted smugglers and petty warlords, this sector was within the territory of the Fenris Rangers, who helped the settlers of the planet Vashti with the installation of their planetary defense system. However, their resources were limited, and the organization became too ill-equipped to handle the crisis in the sector, prompting the Fenris Rangers to withdraw. (PIC: "Absolute Candor")

Seven of Nine and Icheb, the latter on leave from Starfleet, both joined the organization. Seven was still operating as a Ranger in the Qiris sector when Jean-Luc Picard and his associates encountered her in 2399. (PIC: "Stardust City Rag")

The first season press kit stated that the Fenris Rangers were "an independent group of peacekeepers who try to maintain a semblance of law and order on both sides of the former Neutral Zone." [1]
In a story from his Instagram account, showrunner Michael Chabon described the Fenris Rangers as a "decentralized, non-hierarchal, quasi-anarchist affiliation of independent operators working in and around the former Neutral Zone, pledged to defend the weak and vulnerable from the predations of the strong and unscrupulous." [2]

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