Fento was an elderly Mintakan, who was well-versed in Mintakan legend.

In 2366, Fento confirmed the legend of the Overseer, a "supreme power" according to his ancestors, "who could appear and disappear at will," after Liko experienced a visit to the USS Enterprise-D, and his daughter Oji witnessed the transport. After much discussion, leading to the belief that "the Picard" was indeed the Mintakan Overseer, Fento, who remained doubtful of the old superstitions that were being rekindled, joined in to speculate that the Overseer "could provide gentle winters, plentiful hunting, fertile crops, anything."

When the Mintakans were tricked by Troi about seeing another dressed like Palmer, a Federation scientist they had captured, nearby, Fento was told to stay and bind Palmer. After everyone left the building, Fento was bound and gagged by Riker, so that he could free and escape with Palmer.

Following the escape of Palmer, whom they believed to be one of the Overseer's servants, and the Mintakans' fear of the Overseer's wrath against them took hold, Fento attempted to downplay the much trumped-up legends that were the driving force behind their fear.

Fento was later present when Picard visited the group, even inquiring as to why they were being watched from a duck blind. (TNG: "Who Watches The Watchers")

Fento was played by John McLiam.
According to the script, he was "an elderly Mintakan man who's the community's "storyteller" – its oral historian."
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