Controller Fesek was a male Malon who originated from the planet Malon Prime. While some freighter captains were willing to resort to unscrupulous tactics, he made a point of ensuring that his cargo was only disposed of in uninhabited regions of space– a fact that he took pride in.

Fesek was a hard working family man who spent half the year working as a sculptor on Malon Prime, and the other half working as a waste controller aboard a waste export vessel. Fesek dedicated his time making and keeping his homeworld beautiful, creating art for others to appreciate and exporting industrial byproducts that would otherwise destroy the beauty of his homeworld. He was a devoted family man who had one son, who wanted to be a waste export specialist like his father.

Fesek was a realist who didn't believe in the myth of the Vihaar, however his disbelief was challenged in the wake of his encounter with Dremk, a supposed Vihaar aboard his own ship. In 2375, he lost control of his ship due to Dremk's sabotage and later assisted the crew of the starship USS Voyager in regaining control of his vessel.

Fesek suffered from long term exposure to theta radiation and as a result his health was seriously damaged, cutting his life expectancy in half; however, he considered this a necessary "occupational hazard", and the cost of keeping his homeworld beautiful. Fesek ultimately lost his ship, crew and friend Pelk as a result of the actions of Dremk. (VOY: "Juggernaut")

Fesek was played by actor Ron Canada.
He filmed his scenes between Monday 18 January 1999 and Tuesday 26 January 1999 on Paramount Stage 8, 9, and 16.

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