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Feuer gegen Feuer is a Star Trek: Prometheus novel – the first in the series – written by Bernd Perplies and Christian Humberg. Published by Cross Cult, it was first released in July 2016.

It was the first original Star Trek novel published in German; the English translation being published in November 2017 as Fire with Fire.

Summary Edit

Publisher's description (translated from German)
Near the border with the Klingon Empire, a number of brutal terrorist attacks have taken place, resulting in thousands of casualties.
Who is behind the attacks? Are they fanatics from the mysterious Renao species which has settled in the neighboring Lembatta Cluster? Or is the sinister Typhon Pact responsible? Starfleet sends the USS Prometheus, their strongest combat vessel, to solve the mystery in this border region before the next war breaks out in the galaxy.
Extra: fold-out pages with an overview of the Prometheus.

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Background information Edit

Characters Edit

Jeremy Haden
Captain of the USS Valiant, Constitution-class
James T. Kirk
Captain of the USS Enterprise
Mark Edwards
Blond first officer and pilot aboard the Valiant and a friend of Haden
Linda Nozawa
Female, dark-haired lieutenant and science officer of Japanese descent aboard the Valiant
Peter Schwartz
German-born navigator of the Valiant
Doctor and CMO of Indian descent aboard the Valiant
Tanned ensign and security officer aboard the Valiant
Security officer aboard the Valiant, a burly Scotsman
Ensign and relief conn officer aboard the Valiant
Miradorn mercenary and twin brother of Vol-Ban, owner of the ship Vel-Tekk
Miradorn mercenary and twin brother of Rah-Ban, owner of the ship Vel-Tekk
Richard Adams
Captain of the USS Prometheus (NX-74913), Prometheus-class
Caitian Commander and First officer of the USS Prometheus
Sarita Carson
Commander and operations officer aboard the USS Prometheus, born in Cape Town, African Confederation, Earth
Bolian lieutenant aboard the USS Prometheus
Massimo Ciarese
31-year-old ensign and conn officer with black-curled hair aboard the USS Prometheus from Sicily, Italy, Earth
Paul Winter
Communications officer aboard the USS Prometheus, of German-Sudanese descent who worked on the Pathfinder Project in 2376
Jenna "Jen" Winona Kirk
Lieutenant commander and chief engineer aboard the USS Prometheus, athletic and dark-haired and a descendant of James T. Kirk
Alex Meyer
Human lieutenant and assistant chief engineer in his late thirties aboard the USS Prometheus who loves old trains from Earth

Mentioned Edit

Zefram Cochrane
Ensign and yeoman aboard the Valiant
Amelinda Lukarian
Head of a varieté group during Kirk's first assignment as captain of the Enterprise
Noguchi (β)
Admiral who promoted Kirk for his command of the Enterprise
Doctor and xenozoologist aboard the Valiant
Nanietta Bacco
Deceased President of the United Federation of Planets
Kellesar zh'Tarash
Female President of the United Federation of Planets from 31st October 2385 on
CMO aboard the USS Prometheus

Locations Edit

Baker Beach
A beach in San Francisco where Haden met Kirk for the first time on a party.
Lembatta Cluster
A region of fifteen light years filled with twenty-four red giants and nebulae and near the Klingon Empire. The Valiant fulfilled a cartography mission in this cluster.
System LC-13
The star system which included the Lembatta Cluster.
Second planet in the system LC-13, red-grey in color and a bit smaller than Earth. It is filled with water and vegetation, with an atmosphere Humans could breathe; the southern continent is a cleft coast. The away team of the Valiant found ruins on the surface and the only lifeforms seems to be some insects.
Sector 221-G
A region of space where the Miradorn mercenaries won their starship
Tullinar VI
A planet where the Miradorn mercenaries transported weapon to
Silva Sector
A region of space where the Miradorn mercenaries did organ trafficking
Antares sector
A region of space where the Miradorn mercenaries did smuggling with the Pakled
Bajoran sector
The sector housing Deep Space 9
Deep Space 9

References Edit

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Chronology Edit

Date of the Federation Founding Ceremony
Stardate 1966.9
Mission of the USS Valiant in the Lembatta Cluster
The USS Prometheus has its maiden voyage
29th October 2385
The USS Prometheus captures the Miradorn mercenary ship Val-Tekk
31st October 2385
The USS Prometheus returns to Deep Space 9 after a six-month patrol assignment at the Tzenkethi border

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