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The Enterprise arrives in the Ficus sector

Ficus sector was a region of space, containing the Bringloid system and the planet Mariposa. This sector was adjacent to sectors 184 and 185.

In 2123, the SS Mariposa launched from Earth on a colonization mission to the Ficus sector. After traveling for decades, the Mariposa reached Bringloid V, where the first of two Earth colonies was established. Soon afterwards, the Mariposa crashed on Mariposa, with the survivors establishing the second colony.

Until 2365, Earth and the United Federation of Planets had no records of any Earth colonies in the Ficus sector. In 2365, one month prior to stardate 42823, the Federation starbase 73 picked up a distress call from this sector. The USS Enterprise-D investigated the call, which came from the colonists on Bringloid V, and evacuated them. They were delivered to Mariposa, where the two colonies were reunited. (TNG: "Up The Long Ladder")


Background information

In the script, the Ficus sector was identified as the Ficus quadrant. [1]


In the SCE eBook Out of the Cocoon, the joint colony became known as the United Ficus Colony (β).

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