A field docent was a joined Trill who served as a guide and evaluator for prospective Trill hosts for a symbiont.

Field docents report to the Symbiosis Commission and make recommendations regarding their assigned initiates. A negative evaluation from a field docent almost always means an initiate is removed from the program, their hopes of becoming joined ended. Field docents were given guidelines to follow which clearly laid out the responsibilities.

Dax served as field docent to 57 initiates over a span of 200 years, and had gained a reputation for being particularly hard on them.

Curzon Dax served as field docent to Jadzia Dax prior to her joining in the 2360s. After a two-week period, he recommended that Jadzia be terminated from the program.

Jadzia herself later served as Arjin's field docent in 2370. Jadzia was determined not to be as hard on him as Curzon had been on her, but did push him. Arjin himself was unsettled at being Dax's initiate, through reputation, but Jadzia related to him and encouraged him to come into his own. (DS9: "Playing God")

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