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For the prime reality counterpart, please see Finnegan.

Commander Finnegan was a 23rd century Human Federation Starfleet officer. He was stationed at Yorktown in 2263. (Star Trek Beyond)


Finnegan was born in 2232. (TOS: "Shore Leave")

This predates Nero's arrival in 2233 and does not differ from the prime timeline.

Eventually Finnegan would enlist in Starfleet and would rise to the rank of Commander and be assigned to Starbase Yorktown. In 2263, Finnegan was in Yorktown's command center when Krall and a fleet of Swarm ships attacked. To Finnegan's horror, Yorktown's defenses had little effect on the Swarm and Yorktown came under heavy attack.

As the attack continued, Finnegan was informed that they now had the disruption frequency and he ordered that it be broadcast by Yorktown. The combination of the signal being broadcast by both that starbase and the USS Franklin ultimately destroyed the Swarm. Finnegan was still in the command center when Scotty and Jaylah arrived to temporarily shut down the atmospheric processor. He claimed to them that what they were attempting to do was impossible. (Star Trek Beyond)


Background information

Finnegan was portrayed by Greg Grunberg, who previously appeared in the 2009 film Star Trek, as the voice of James T. Kirk's stepfather. This character was only named in the source's end credits.

The writing of this character was heavily influenced by Simon Pegg, with fellow Star Trek Beyond co-writer Doug Jung describing the character as "a Simon thing." [1] According to Justin Lin, Grunberg asked to have his character be the alternate reality version of Finnegan. [2] In contrast to his prime reality counterpart, this Finnegan doesn't have an Irish accent or blonde hair.

Finnegan was James T. Kirk's would-be "killer" and "victim" in the titular challenge of the Star Trek: Starfleet Academy young adult novel The Assassination Game. Kirk dodged one attempt by utilizing a variation of the corbomite maneuver, claiming that he had accidentally spilled chemicals that were going to explode if Finnegan didn't leave the room immediately. In the novel, Finnegan's first name is given as "Jake".

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