Finnish speaking whale hunters veering off as the HMS Bounty decloaks

Finnish was a language spoken on the planet Earth.

In 1986, Finnish was spoken by the whale hunters who were after the humpback whales George and Gracie in the Bering Sea, off of Alaska. When the whales were first spotted, the look-out in the crow's nest shouted "Siellä ne puhaltaa!" ("There they blow!"). Then, the older man commented "Valaita edessä!" ("Whales ahead!"). When the harpoon hit the cloaked HMS Bounty, a man exclaimed "Mitä helvettiä tuo oli?" ("What the hell was that?"). (Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home)

Background information

Finland is the dark green country between red Sweden and yellow Russia on this political map

While Finland has never practiced whaling in the real world, Kvennish, a Finnish dialect, is spoken in parts of Norway, a country that has practiced whaling.

The location and borders of Finland, the country from where the language originates, between Russia and Sweden was depicted in a political map of Earth stored in the library computer of USS Enterprise in the remastered version of TOS: "The Cage". In the original version of the episode, Finland was depicted in another political map of Earth's northern hemisphere.

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