Fire escape

A fire escape (2024)

A fire escape was a stairway on the outside of a building used for evacuating the premises in case of a fire or another emergency situation.

In 1930, James T. Kirk and Spock stole some clothes from a fire escape in New York City. (TOS: "The City on the Edge of Forever")

In Detroit, in the year 2004, when Jonathan Archer and T'Pol confroned Loomis in his apartment, leading him to flee out the window and down the fire escape. (ENT: "Carpenter Street")

In 2024, many fire escapes were on the buildings within Sanctuary District A, and people would often stand on the fire escapes and look down at the street below them watching newcomers arrive. Benjamin Sisko and Julian Bashir were such newcomers that they had seen walking down the street. (DS9: "Past Tense, Part I")

In 2266, when Spock, Fields and Galloway were on the streets of Earth Two searching for the Onlies, they walked beneath a fire escape in an alley. At one point Spock climbed up the fire escape before realizing the children were no longer up there. (TOS: "Miri")

In New Orleans in the year 2372, some fire escapes were decorated with flowers and other plants. (DS9: "Homefront")

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