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For the TNG episode with a similar title, please see "First Contact".

When a mentor from Dal's past persuades him to use their Federation cover for personal gain, they quickly discover Starfleet has protocols for a reason.



Floor pie

The crew's welcome distraction: floor pie.

The crew has been on edge since Gwyn uncovered what happened to the original USS Protostar crew but has been unable to glean anything more. While Janeway is obsessing over the recordings of Chakotay, the crew has left messes around the ship and found a new "welcome distraction" to play with: the transporter. After beaming a piece of pie around the ship gets boring, the crew volunteers Murf as a live test subject, only for him to be sent to the wrong side of the bridge window. Fortunately, he is unharmed due to his apparent indestructibility and is beamed safely back aboard.

Act I[]

After safely rematerializing Murf back in the ship, Janeway calls the crew to the bridge to answer a distress call. On-screen, a hooded figure talks about having orphans aboard her ship who are stricken with the phage, which Dal immediately recognizes as the con of his adoptive mother, DaiMon Nandi, a Ferengi. She drops the illusion by disabling her holo-emitters and welcomes Dal and his friends aboard the Damsel.

Nandi claims to have searched for Dal for "years" and never forgave herself for losing him. She even kept his room under the engine just as it was. Gwyn realizes that all of the stories Dal told her – including seeing the Window of Dreams – must've been experienced from here. Among various odds and ends stored the Damsel's cargo hold (including a horga'hn), Jankom notices Nandi's Klingon cloaking device, which Gwyn then identifies. The Ferengi is impressed by Gwyn's ability to read Klingon.

Act II[]

Nandi tells the crew she has a deal for them: she will give them the cloaking device – which is useless to her since it requires chimerium, a substance she doesn't have but the Protostar does – in exchange for a remalite crystal located on a nearby planet. Hologram Janeway points out this planet falls under the Prime Directive since they've never encountered alien life. Dal is reluctant to act against Hologram Janeway's advice until Nandi confesses that she needs the crystal to pay a hefty debt incurred at dabo.

The crew, accompanied by Nandi, beam down to the planet and are surprised to find it deserted, even though tricorders register lifeforms all around them. Suddenly, the sand around them starts to dance and whirl around them. Gwyn realizes that the crystals within the sand are the lifeforms, and that they are using harmonics to communicate with them. Once she finds a way to talk to them, the sand settles down and opens a passage for them into a cavern.  The crew discovers that the aliens, whom Rok-Tahk dubs the Cymari, use sound waves, created by the crystals within the cavern, in order to shape matter. Nandi presents the aliens with a gift – a Ferengi spit pan – and asks for one in return. The aliens offer a beautiful song which leaves the crew in awe.  Unfortunately, Nandi is unimpressed and steals some crystals from the cavern and runs off. Guilt-ridden, Dal and the crew chase after Nandi in order to retrieve the crystals.

Act III[]

Dal catches  up with Nandi and in the course of their argument, she admits that she didn't "lose" Dal, as she claimed earlier, she sold him to the Diviner. After a struggle, Nandi, now with only one crystal left, beams up to her ship which is now equipped with a cloaking device and chimerium which she stole from the Protostar. Fortunately, Dal snuck a combadge on the crystal during the fight and the crew was able to beam it back to the planet.

Though they succeeded in making things right, Hologram Janeway berates Dal, saying that because of their actions, the aliens' first encounter with off-worlders was a negative one, which will lead them to be distrustful of outsiders.

Nandi, back on her ship, learns from her new partner Pik-Pox that the Diviner has a bounty out on the Protostar crew.

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Memorable quotes[]

"It's Murder Planet all over again!"

- Zero

"How could Nandi do that to me? I was like a son to her."
"And I was my father's daughter. But here we are."
"I'm sorry, I-I… because of me, we lost the cloaking device and the chimerium."
"But you learned who your true friends are. The ones willing to go along with you no matter how foolish it seems. Never take that for granted. I wish I could tell you it'll stop hurting, but I don't know that yet."

- Dal and Gwyn

Background information[]


1x07 First Contact title card

The original episode title card without a hyphen


  • Excluding the premiere episode, "Lost and Found", this is the first episode to feature a teaser scene before the title sequence.
  • Though initially credited for their roles in this episode, Robert Beltran and Melissa Villasenor's names were later removed from the episode's end credits.


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  • Unnamed Cymari


alien; body; bread; chimerium; civilization; combadge; cloaking device; communications officer; Cymari; Cymari homeworld; cymatic ability; cymatic transmutation (aka acoustic terra-molding); cymatics; dabo table; DaiMon; Damsel; "develop-lution"; diplomatic exchange; distress signal; D'Kora-class; electricity; energy; engine; evolution; face; Federation; Ferengi; Ferengi language; first contact; frequency; friend; friendship; General Order 1; gift; gravity boot; ground; hair; harmonic; harmonic resonance; holo-emitter; horga'hn; hover; kidnapping; Klingonese; Klingon disruptor; laughter; lifeform; lirpa; loaf; lobeling; lobes; mathematics; matter; mayday; metal; meter; mine; money; motive; mouth; Murder Planet; orphan; outer space; pain; parsec; partner; Phage; pie; pitch; planet; power source; precious metal; Prime Directive; profit; remalite crystal; REV-12; room; Rules of Acquisition; sand; sector; shield; Skeralyx system; song; sound wave; species; spit pan; star; Starfleet; Starfleet Command; Starfleet uniform; story; teleportation machine; test subject; thought; tone; trade; translator; transporter; transporter room; tricorder; tube grub; wall; warp core; Window of Dreams; year

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analysis; impulse engine control; level; live data; lock mech; offset; radar scanner; short range sensor; target; tracking; window; wireframe

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