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This page contains information regarding Star Trek: Prodigy, and thus may contain spoilers.

For the TNG episode with a similar title, please see "First Contact".

When a mentor from Dal’s past persuades him to use their Federation cover for personal gain, they quickly discover Starfleet has protocols for a reason.



The crew has been on edge since Gwyn uncovered what happened to the original Protostar crew, but has been unable to uncover anything more. While Janeway is obsessing over the recordings of Chakotay, the crew has left messes around the ship and found a new "welcome distraction" to play with: the transporter. After beaming a piece of pie around the ship gets boring, the crew volunteers Murf as a live test subject, only for him to be sent to the wrong side of the bridge window. Fortunately, he is unharmed due to his apparent indestructibility and is beamed safely back aboard.

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The original episode title card without a hyphen

  • The title was announced by on 10 January 2022. [1] It was initially revealed as "First Con-tact", and was presented as such on the Paramount+ episode menu, however the original title card itself read "First Contact" without a hyphen. Creators Dan and Kevin Hageman tweeted that the title card was an error and "the fix is on the way" [2], and to their credit a corrected title card was uploaded to Crave on 14 January 2022, and later updated on Paramount+.


  • Excluding the premiere episode, "Lost and Found", this is the first episode to feature a teaser scene before the title sequence.


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  • Unnamed Cymari


alien; bread; body; chimerium; civilization; combadge; cloaking device; communications officer; Cymari; Cymari homeworld; cymatic ability; cymatic transmutation (acoustic terra-molding); cymatics; dabo table; DaiMon; Damsel; develop-lution; diplomatic exchange; distress signal; D'Kora-class; electricity; energy; engine; evolution; face; Federation; Ferengi; Ferengi language; first contact; frequency; friend; friendship; General Order 1; gift; gravity boot; ground; hair; harmonic; harmonic resonance; holo-emitter; horga'hn; hover; kidnapping; Klingonese; Klingon disruptor; laughter; lifeform; lirpa; loaf; lobeling; lobes; mathematics; matter; mayday; metal; meter; mine; money; motive; mouth; Murder Planet; orphan; outer space; pain; parsec; partner; Phage; pie; pitch; planet; power source; precious metal; Prime Directive;profit; remalite crystal; REV-12; room; Rules of Acquisition; sand; sector; shield; Skeralyx system; song; sound wave; species; spit pan; star; Starfleet; Starfleet Command; Starfleet uniform; story; teleportation machine; test subject; thought; tone; trade; translator; transporter; transporter room; tricorder; tube grub; wall; warp core; Window of Dreams; year

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analysis; impulse engine control; level; live data; lock mech; offset; radar scanner; short range sensor; target; tracking; window; wireframe

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