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Zefram Cochrane makes first contact

Humans make official contact with an alien species for the first time on April 5th, 2063

First Contact Day was a holiday celebrated to honor both the warp 1 flight of the Phoenix and first open contact between Humans and Vulcans on April 5th, 2063 in Bozeman, Montana. (Star Trek: First Contact)

When Captain Kathryn Janeway was a child, the holiday was just considered a day off from school. Later, at least some schools such as WSA continued to operate on First Contact Day. (VOY: "Homestead"; ST: "Children of Mars")

Naomi Wildman and Neelix planned the 315th observation of the event aboard the USS Voyager. The festivities included Zefram Cochrane's favorite food, cheese pierogies, and rock and roll music on Tom Paris's jukebox. At Neelix's insistence, Tuvok gave the Vulcan salute while reciting the greeting given by the Vulcans during first contact: "Live long and prosper." He did not see the point of it, but everyone in attendance applauded. (VOY: "Homestead")

In 2385, the planet Mars was attacked by rogue synths on this day. 92,143 people died in the attack. (ST: "Children of Mars")

Star Trek: First Contact co-writer Ronald D. Moore chose the date for first contact in honor of his son, Jonathan, whose birthday is April 5th. (Star Trek Encyclopedia (4th ed., vol. 1, p. 273); (AOL chat, 1997))
First Contact Day was also cited in the first draft of the script for ENT: "Fusion" (which had the working title "Equilibrium"). In that script, Trip Tucker told Fraht about this holiday, commenting about it, "'That's kind of dull… just an excuse for kids to get the day off from school."

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