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The beginning of the ultimate STAR TREK saga!

First Strike is a Pocket TOS novel – #79 in the numbered series, and the first book in the Invasion! series – written by Diane Carey. Published by Pocket Books, it was first released in July 1996.


From the book jacket
Long ago, even before the days of myth and legend, our worlds belonged to them. Now they want them back…
Captain Kirk is stunned when the Federation receives an urgent plea for help – from the Klingon Empire. A mysterious starship has invaded Klingon space and resisted all efforts to destroy it. Establishing contact with the stranger's ship, Kirk discovers that it is only the vanguard of a vast alien Fleet obsessed with conquering the Klingons, the Federation, the Romulans, and all who dwell in the space that was once their own.
The Invasion! has begun…

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James T. Kirk
Vergo Zennor 
One of the "Furies", captain of the scout Rath.
Klingon captain.
Klingon general.


Capella IV
IKS Jada 
Klingon patrol cruiser of Captain Ruhl.
IKS Qul 
Klingon border fleet "flagship", of General Kellen.
IKS Shukar 
Klingon ship.
USS Great Lakes 
IKS Mat Ha 
Klingon ship.
"Fury" invasion scout of Vergo Zennor.

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