Numerous log entries were made on the first officer's log for the USS Voyager. They were recorded by Commander Chakotay. (VOY: "Time and Again")





  • "First Officer's Log, supplemental. We've laid in a course for the point in space where the female Q says we can enter the Continuum and find the captain." (VOY: "The Q and the Grey")


  • "First Officer's Log, Stardate 51392.7. Though we've yet to hear from the captain and Tuvok, Paris and Neelix have returned from their mission to the southern continent with some disturbing evidence." (VOY: "Concerning Flight")


  • "First Officer's Log, Stardate 52081.2. It's been 53 days since we entered this desolate region. If we want to continue our course toward home we have no choice but to cross it. We won't have an opportunity to take on fresh supplies or fuel so I've ordered all departments to create an energy reserve. We're using power cells to stockpile deuterium." (VOY: "Night")


  • "First Officer's Log, Stardate 54584.3. Ensign Kim, Mister Neelix, and I are returning to Voyager after five days of trading with the Nar Shaddan." (VOY: "Workforce")
  • "First Officer's Log. Stardate 54597.9. After restoring primary systems we've left the nebula to try to find the crew. Though there's still a lot of damage we have been able to reconfigure sensors to detect subspace mines. Ensign Kim's been running continuous scans but there's still no sign of our people. On the bright side, the ships that were searching for us seem to have given up. With only four people on board, repairs are going slowly." (VOY: "Workforce")
  • "First Officer's Log, Stardate 54608.6. We've traced the crew's life signs to a large city on a planet called Quarra. Unfortunately, the local officials aren't being very cooperative." (VOY: "Workforce")
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