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The first officer's position was a station on the bridge of several 24th century starships. Directly adjacent to the command chair, the first officer could easily discuss the mission with his or her commanding officer. Most versions of the first officer's position either had their own command console or shared one with the commanding officer, although some versions had none at all. In addition, some versions could swivel, allowing the occupant to face any other station on the bridge.

Galaxy classEdit

The first officer’s station on Galaxy-class starships was directly to the Captain's right. It had access to a command console on the right and could swivel to almost 360°.(citation needededit)

Intrepid class Edit

The first officer’s station on Intrepid-class starships was to the Captain‘s left. The two officers shared one command console in between them.(citation needededit)

Sovereign class Edit

The first officer’s station on Sovereign-class starships was on the Captain’s right. It has been seen both with and without a command console. This chair could swivel to face relevant stations.(citation needededit)

The term "first officer's position" comes from "Sins of the Father".
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