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The 30th Anniversary episode that spans the generations!

The novelization of "Flashback" is an adaptation of "Flashback", written by Diane Carey. A Pocket VOY novel published by Pocket Books, it was first released in October 1996.

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From the book jacket
A hundred years before the Starship USS Voyager was transported to the Delta Quadrant, Lieutenant Tuvok served under one of Starfleet's most famous officers: Captain Hikaru Sulu of the Starship Excelsior. Now those days have come back to haunt him. While traveling through an uncharted nebula, Tuvok is besieged by recurring memories of his time with Captain Sulu – repressed memories that may well kill him unless their source is determined in time. To save her closest friend, Captain Kathryn Janeway follows Tuvok to the century-old bridge of the Excelsior during a desperate battle. There Tuvok, Captain Janeway, Captain Sulu and Commander Janice Rand must face a menace to galactic life unlike anything known before…

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"We've got a lot of horizons in front of us, you and I. I think it's time to start heading forward."

- Captain Kathryn Janeway

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Kathryn Janeway 
Lieutenant Tuvok 
Hikaru Sulu 
Janice Rand 

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Excelsior, USS

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